Storm Doesn’t Affect 2017 Linn County Fair- Attendance Highs

Mother Nature created a little havoc at the start of the 2017 Linn County Fair, but it didn’t stop the volunteers and fair-goers from having a record breaking fair. The numbers have finally been tallied and verified, this year will be one that will go down in the history books for many reasons, most of all for being a place that many “Family Traditions” begin for the summer!

Funnel clouds, minutes after they pass over the Linn County Fairgrounds on Wednesday, June 28th. Photo provided by Heidi Steffen

A storm that produced a funnel cloud over the Linn County Fairgrounds on Wednesday, June 28th during the evening opening program of the fair, knocked down a large tree, blew over small and large tents, damaged the old “Presentation Building”, and knocked out the fair’s internet service (which is still not completely up and running). With the help and support of the many volunteers the Fair Linn County Association was able to get everything cleaned up and have things ready to go by 9am on Thursday morning for the typical 3rd largest day of the fair, Youth Day. 


A large tree down by the beef arena due to Wednesday evening storm-  Photo provided by G.G. Photography

Due to the storm Wednesday evening of the fair the Mutton Bustin’ grandstand event was cancelled that night and the over all attendance for Wednesday was down 35% from the previous year.  


The LDM Building filled with Youth Day hands on activities and informational booths.

The storm didn’t stop people from coming out to the fair on Thursday, Youth Day. Youth Day is an opportunity for youth of all ages to come to the fair and enjoy the many free events and activities that are on hand. On Youth Day they get to experience a local county fair like no other.  The majority of the free activities run from 9am to 1pm, which we had a record of over 6,200 people coming through our gates to enjoy the activities. Thursday overall was also a record breaking day with a total day attendance over 14,500 people, the most on record for a Thursday of the fair.


2017 Sperry Engines Hill-N-Hole Mud Racing – Photo provided by G.G. Photography

The momentum from Thursday continued into Friday, also breaking a record attendance with over 8,600 in attendance. The Friday grandstand event, Professional Bull Riding followed by Bellamy Brothers in concert, ended up being the second largest crowd we had for a concert at The Linn County Fair over the past 10 years, second only to the John Michael Montgomery concert held 2014 at the fair. 


Rice Bull Riding Co. introducing Bull Riders- photo provide by G.G. Photography


Bellamy Brothers performing in concert – photo provide by G.G. Photography

Saturday of the fair continued to bring in the fair-goers and break records. Saturday afternoon we held a new grandstand event, Classic Linn County Truck & Tractor Pull. This Saturday afternoon event was the second largest crowd for a Saturday afternoon grandstand event. That night was another record crowd with the annual ECIPA Truck & Tractor Pull at the fair. The pull that night brought in over 2,600, breaking the record the same event had set back in 2015. Saturday was a huge day and ended with a bang! The fair broke another one day overall attendance record on Saturday with over 13,200 people, beating the previous record set in 2015. 


Classic Linn County Truck & Tractor Pull – photo provided by Heidi Steffen


ECIPA Truck & Tractor Pull – photo provided by Heidi Steffen

Sunday afternoon of the fair has become to be known as a fun family event in the grandstand. This year was no different and brought the families to prove it. We had the Lil’ Monster Trucks back for a second year and had 75% more in attendance for the same event then we did last year. The crowd also, ended up being the second largest crowd for that time slot, just second to rodeo held in 2012. 


Lil’ Monster Trucks – photo provided by Heidi Steffen

One event that is becoming a family tradition at the fair continues to bring the families for a fun Sunday evening grandstand event is the Chuckwagon Races. This year the event had a record breaking attendance of over 1,700, breaking a record that the event had set in 2009 when the event was introduced back at The Linn County Fair from being absent for many years. 


Chuckwagon Races – photo provided by Heidi Steffen

Sunday was also Military Appreciation Day. All Military personnel current and past got into one or both of the grandstand events. We saw the number of military personnel increased by 150% from the previous year that came out and enjoyed one or both of the grandstand events. Overall, Sunday was another record breaking day. It broke an overall attendance record for that day with close to 10,000 attending the fair. The previous record was set in 2011.

Mother Nature tried to keep down The Linn County Fair, but the supporters of the fair made sure that wasn’t the case. We saw more faces and more people outside of Linn County attending the fair (4% more than previous years). The overall attendance this year was up 40% from last year and set a new record for Fair.  The Linn County Fair has come along way in 10 years and has seen a 212% growth in that time span from 16,000 people in attendance in 2008 to this year’s fair over 50,000 attendance. 


2017 Linn County Fair’s banner did not survive the storm. Here is a picture of it the night before the fair kicked off. Photo provided by Joshua Rich

Special thanks to the many volunteers that helped make the 2017 Linn County Fair another successful fair! Many thanks for the continuous support and dedication of our many Community Partners and the Linn County Supervisors, without their support The Linn County Fair Association couldn’t continue to provide a free fair and provide a great local county fair for Linn County and surrounding communities. Many families started a new “Family Tradition”, while others continued to create great memories with their family at the 2017 Linn County Fair in Central City! 

To take a look back at The 2017 Linn County Fair and check out the many pictures for the week’s events by going to See you back at the fair June 27 to July 2nd, 2018! 


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