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2016 Recycled Garden Art Contest Winners


The residents of Linn County and surrounding areas had another chance to help keep “trash” out of the landfill and turn it into art as part of The Linn County Fair’s Recycled Garden Art contest.  The special categories this year were “cowboy boots”. There were some very talent people turned their trash into beautiful garden art.

Overall Winner
Sharon Scott Bowers

Cowboy Boots Category
1st place: Sharon Scott Bowers

Ages 19-64
1st place: Goodwill Day Hab (Tire Lady Bug)
2nd place: Julie M. Scott (Glass Sculpture)

Ages 64 & above
1st place: Kathy Clemens (sheep)
2nd place: Shirley Henle (Tin Can Flower)

Ages 3-11
1st place: Teagan Liebe (Flower)
2nd place:Tessaly Robertson (Glow-in-dark mushroom)

Ages 11-19
No entries


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