Linn County 4-H Youth Council Scholarships Presented


The Linn County Fair Cook Out Program on Wednesday, June 22 was the setting for the 16th Annual Linn County 4-H Youth Council Scholarship presentation.  Scholarships are given to Youth Council Senior members who apply and reach the following criteria:  Must be a 4-H member for 3 years, be an active Youth Council member for 2 years, fulfill Youth Council Contract requirements and attend the Scholarship interview.


This year eleven Linn County 4-H Youth Council members received scholarships.

                                    Jesse Martinson, Cedar Rapids                           
                                    Meredith McDonald, Marion                                 
                                    Sara-Anne Kettelkamp, Marion               
                                    Kelly Breja, Cedar Rapids                                     
                                    Molly Hogan, Coggon                                             
                                    Lydia Brown, Cedar Rapids                                  
                                    Kacee Dixon, Walker                                             
                                    Jessica Etten, Prairieburg                                    
                                    Nathan Williams, Cedar Rapids                           
                                    Jacque Murray, Ely                                                
                                    Haley Griebel, Ely                                                   

Recipients receive the awarded scholarship amount after their first semester.


In addition to these educational scholarships, the Youth Council membership has presented partial scholarships to 4-H  members who participate in the Linn County 4-H Junior Camp, Linn County Intermediate trips, Iowa State 4-H Youth Conference, and the Citizenship Washington Focus trip.  These scholarships are supported by proceeds from the annual pie auction held at the Linn County Fair.


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