4-H/FFA Sheep Show Results


Linn County 4-H and FFA members exhibited sheep at the Linn County Fairgrounds on Friday, 24 June, 2016.

Winners of the Commercial Ewe Show were:

  • Champion Homeraised Commercial Ewe:  Tanner Sloan, Alburnett
  • Reserve Champion Homeraised Commercial Ewe:  David Iehl, Central City
  • Champion Speckle Face Ewe:  Tanner Sloan, Alburnett
  • Reserve Champion Speckle Face Ewe:  Grace Pisarik, Mt. Vernon
  • Champion Commercial Blackface Ewe:  Molly Hogan, Coggon
  • Reserve Champion Commercial Black Face Ewe:  Molly Hogan, Coggon
  • Champion Commercial Yearling Ewe:  Cutter Shefelbine, Central City
  • Reserve Champion Commercial Yearling Ewe:  Jeret Crow Schrader, Marion
  • Supreme Champion Commercial Ewe:  Molly Hogan, Coggon
  • Reserve Supreme Champion Commercial Ewe:  Tanner Sloan, Alburnett
  • Champion Home Raised Market Lamb:  Kaylee Raim, Springville
  • Reserve Champion Home Raised Market Lamb:   Maci Mollenhauer, Center Point
  • Champion Speckled Face Market Lamb:  David Iehl,  Central City
  • Reserve Champion Speckled Face Market Lamb:  Riggs Martin, Central City
  • Champion Light Weight Market Lamb:   Lee Sloan, Alburnett
  • Reserve Light Weight Market Lamb:  Clint Letts, Ryan
  • Champion Middle Weight Market Lamb:  Kayla Hospodarsky, Cedar Rapids
  • Reserve Champion Middle Weight Market Lamb:  Kanan Morris, Central City
  • Champion Heavy Weight Market Lamb:  Kaylee Raim, Springville
  • Reserve Champion Heavy Weight Market Lamb,  Kanan Morris, Central City
  • Champion Pair Lambs:  Kaylee Raim, Springville
  • Reserve Champion Pair Lambs:  Riggs Martin, Central City


  1. Kaylee Raim, Spriingvillel
  2. Kanan Morris, Central City
  3. Kaylee Raim, Springville
  4. David Iehl, Central City
  5. Kayla Hospodarsky, Cedar Rapids

Top 10 Rate of Gain                            ADG                                       Weight

Riggs Martin, Central City                0.95                                        138.4    
Kanan Morris, Central City               0.9                                          128.2
Kanan Morris, Central City               0.88                                        118.4
Cade Haughenbury, Coggon            0.88                                         107
Delaney Sturtz, Alburnett                 0.87                                        103.2
Jordan Balderston, Central City     0.86                                        122.2
Cole Mollenhauer, Center Point      0.84                                         126.2    
Tate Haughenbury, Coggon             0.82                                        152
Cade Haughenbury, Coggon           0.8                                          138
Aleah Brown, Central City              0.79                                        136.8
David Iehl, Central City                   0.79                                        135.2
Delaney Sturtz, Alburnett                0.79                                        113


  • Champion Junior Showmanship Grades 4th-6th:    Breanna  Balderston, Central City
  •  Reserve Champion Showmanship Grades 4th -6th    Maci Mollenhauer, Center Point


  • Champion Intermediate Showmanship Grades 7th-8th,   Kaylee Raim, Springville
  • Reserve Champion Intermediate  Showmanship Grades 7th-8th ,  Emily Armstrong, Center Point


  • Champion Senior Showmanship Grades 9-12 :  David Iehl, Central City
  •  Reserve Champion Senior Showmanship Grades 9-12:  Tanner Sloan, Alburnett

4-H, the youth component of the Iowa State University Extension, offers opportunities to choose from among fifty different project areas.  The 4-H program is open to all urban and rural youth grades kindergarten through 12.  For more information about 4-H, contact the Linn County Extension Office, 383 Collins Road NE, Suite 201, Cedar Rapids or phone 377-9839.
Iowa State University Extension programs are available to all without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age or disability.



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