4-H Rabbit Show Results


Linn County 4-H members exhibited winning rabbits on Friday, June 24, 2016 at the Linn County Fairgrounds in Central City.


  • Best Commercial Rabbit  in Show:  McKenna  Nost, Lisbon showing a French Lop
  • Reserve Commercial Rabbit in Show:  Claire Daugherty, Ryan  showing a Flemish Giant
  • Best Home Raised Rabbit:  Michaela Rowell, Marion showing a Mini Lop
  • Reserve Home Raised Rabbit:  Trenton Robertson, Marion showing a Mini Lop

Best of Breed:

  • American Chinchilla, Rebecca Brecht, Central City
  • Best Opposite:  Rebecca Brecht, Central City
  •  Best Flemish Giant – Claire Dougherty, Ryan
  • Best Opposite:- Claire Dougherty, Ryan
  • Best French Lop Junior Doe  – McKenna Nost, Lisbon
  • American Fuzzy Lop Senior Doe, – Anna Curtis, Toddville
  • Best Opposite:  Anna Curtis, Toddville
  • Best Himalayan Senior Buck:  Caitlin Robertson, Marion
  • Holland Lop Senior Buck: Anna Curtis, Toddviille
  •  Best Opposite:  Michaela Rowell, Marion
  • Jersey Woody Senior Doe:  Anna Curtis, Toddville
  •  Best Opposite:  Anna Curtis, Toddville
  •  Mini Lop Senior Doe:  Michaela Rowell, Marion
  •  Best Opposite:  Michaela Rowell, Marion
  • Mini Rex Junior Buck:  Rebecca Brecht, Central City
  • Netherland Dwarf Senior  Buck – Michaela Rowell, Marion
  • Best Opposite:  Michaela Rowell, Marion
  • Polish Junior Doe – Joel Robertson, Marion
  • Best Opposite:  Caitlin Robertson, Marion
  • Best Fancy Rabbit in Show:  Jersey Wooly, Anna Curtis, Toddville
  •  Reserve Fancy Rabbit in Show:  Mini Rex,  Rebecca  Brecht, Central City



  • Champion:  Showmanship – Junior – Claire Dougherty, Ryan
  • Reserve Champion Showmanship – Junior – McKenna  Nost, Lisbon
  • Champion:  Showmanship – Intermediates – Grades 7-8: – Rebecca Brecht,  Central City
  • Reserve Champion Intermediate – Grades 7-8:  Michaela Rowell, Marion
  • Champion:  Showmanship – Senior – Grades  9-12: Casey Robertson, Marion
  • Champion:  Showmanship – Advanced:  Anna Curtis, Cedar Rapids
  • Animal Science Poster – Junior – Grades 4-6:  Champion – McKenna Nost, Lisbon
  • Reserve Animal Science Poster – Junior  – Morgan Nachazel, Sspringville
  • Animal Science Poster – Seniors – Grades 9-12:  Anna  Curtis, Cedar Rapids

4-H, the youth component of the Cooperative Extension Service, offers opportunities to choose from among fifty different project areas to study.  The 4-H program is open to all urban and rural youth kindergarten through 12thgrade.  For more information about 4-H, contact the Linn County Extension Office, 383 Collins Road NE, Suite 201, Cedar Rapids or phone 377-9839.



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