Linn County Fair 4-H Dog Show Results

Linn County 4-H exhibitors showed their dogs at the Linn County Fairgrounds on Thursday, June 25,  2015.

dog show

Winners in the Obedience Classes were:

Champion Advanced                                                    Katie Hamlton, Cedar Rapids

   Reserve Champion Advanced:                                   Anna Gardner, Central City

Champion Novice                                                         Natalie McAllister, Cedar Rapids

   Reserve Champion Novice:                                        Jaalah Schmidt, Cedar Rapids

Champion Pre/Sub                                                       Meredith McDonald, Central City

   Reserve Champion Pre/Sub:                                        Emilee Bean, Center Point


Winners in the Agility classes were:

Champion On-leash over  16”:                                  Sean Hamilton, Cedar Rapids

   Reserve On-leash over 16”:                                     Delaney Sturtz, Alburnett

Champion On-leash under 16”                                  Meredith McDonald, Central City

   Reserve Champion On-leash under 16”               Delaney Sturtz, Alburnett

Champion Off-leash under 16”                                 Sadie Flatland, Springville

   Reserve Champion Off-leash under 16”              Anna Curtis, Toddville

Champion Off-leash over 16”                                   Natalie McAllister, Cedar Rapids

   Reserv e Champion Off-leash over 16”               MaKayla Beik, Marion

Those winning the Showmanship and Grooming classes were:

Intermediate Showmanship Champion:                  Fiona Dolan, Cedar Rapids

Intermediate Showmanship Reserve  Champion:  Delaney Sturtz, Alburnett

Senior Showmanship Champion:                             Katie Hamilton, Cedar Rapids

Senior Showmanship Reserve Champion:              Eva Dolan, Cedar Rapids

Advanced Showmanship Champion:                       Meredith McDonald, Central City

Advanced Showmanship Reserve Champion:        Sadie Flatland, Springville

4-H, the youth component of Iowa State University Extension, offers opportunities to choose from among fifty different project areas.  The 4-H program is open to all urban and rural youth kindergarten through 12th grade.  For more information about 4-H, contact the Linn County Extension Office, 383 Collins Road, Cedar Rapids, IA or call 319-377-9839.


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