Goat Milking Contest Results

One of the new contest this year at The Linn County Fair was the Goat Milking Contest that was held on Friday, June 26th at 3pm in the Farm Bureau Free Entertainment Tent. Teams of 3 had 45 seconds to milk as much as they can from a goat. Each team member milked for 15 seconds and then switched positions. There was a total of 14 teams that participated in the contest. Teams were also judged on best dressed and were encouraged to come in costumes. This new contest was a huge hit and there are high hopes it will be back again next year!

Winning team with total of 9oz milked in 45 seconds:

Winning team with total of 9oz milked in 45 seconds: Jordan Steal, Central City; Janelle Steal, Central City; Noe Mendez, Whitter

  • Jordan Staal, Central City
  • Janelle Staal, Central City
  • Noe Mendez, Whitter

Best Dressed Winners:


  • Jared Zieser, Marion
  • Kirby Kerr, Cedar Rapids
  • Aaron Pistulka, Marion
“Milk Duds”- least amount in bucket
  • Ellie Cooper, Cedar Rapids
  • Keegan Palmer, Independence
  • Carter Palmer, Independence

GoatMilkingContest-4 GoatMilkingContest-3 GoatMilkingContest-2GoatMilkingContest-1


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