2015 Linn County Fair 4-H Poultry Show- without live birds

The 79 Linn County 4-H Poultry Youth will not be able to show their birds this year at The Linn County Fair as they have at previous fairs. The Avian influenza outbreak hit the Midwest very hard that caused the cancellation of all poultry shows in the state of Iowa, which included The Linn County Fair’s 4-H Poultry Show. Instead the 4-Hers will be able to share their enthusiasm and love of the birds at this year’s fair. 
2013-Poultry-1The goal for this year’s 4-H Poultry Show is to educate the public on poultry in alternative ways.  The Linn County 4-H Poultry youth have been planning fun educational activities to share with people coming to the fair this Saturday and Sunday. The events will kick off at 1pm on Saturday with Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, Bill Northey.  He will be talking to the youth about biosecurity, animal health, and their interest in agricultural. Plus he will be taking questions from the kids. The Poultry Committee is excited to have Mr. Northey part of this year’s poultry events. 

Then on Sunday at 9am the remaining 4-H Poultry events and shows will take place in the Indoor Arena on the fairgrounds.The 4-H poultry show this year will consist of pictures of the birds at the Photo Poultry Show. 4-Hers had to meet certain requirements prior to fair to be able to qualify their birds to be in the Photo Poultry show. They will be judged in individual classes as they would have been if there were live birds on hand to judge.

A first this year is an Egg Show. Not only the first at The Linn County Fair but also the first egg show in Iowa. Eggs will be judged on uniformity, color and size. The rules for the Linn County Fair 4-H Egg Show were sampled from from the only two state fairs that have an egg show, Texas and Kentucky.

Other fun contest that will occur during the 4-H Poultry show include photo contests in the following categories: “Ugliest Bird”, “Best Dressed Bird”, and “Best Poultry Photograph.” There will also be a rubber chicken toss and crowning contest. There will be much more fowl fun to be had by all this year at the Linn County Fair 4-H Poultry Show!

The current 2014 Poultry Princess, Eva Dolan, will hand her crown off to the 2015 Poultry Princess. The Poultry Princess will be announced this weekend during the many poultry events planned. Eva will step up and be crowned the 2015 Poultry Queen. She will help mentor the 2015 Poultry Princess, so this time next year the princess can take the throne of Poultry Queen.

Come out and support our Future Poultry Farmers of  America at The Linn County Fair this weekend. 


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One response to “2015 Linn County Fair 4-H Poultry Show- without live birds

  1. Kathy Dvorak

    Congratulations to the Poultry Committee and Linn Co Extension and 4-H programs for thinking outside the box to come up with exciting, educational and fun activities for all! On the cutting edge of new opportunities. You are to be commended!

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