Local Donkey Riders WANTED

New rodeo stars will be born during the wild and crazy Dairyland “Celebrity” Donkey Races Show at The Linn County Fair on Wednesday, June 24th at 7:30pm, This will be a fun free family event. It’s racing action on real, live donkeys. Guaranteed to be wilder than a rodeo and funnier than a circus!

2014 Donkey Races
The fair is looking for forty local “celebrity” donkey jockeys. This is a chance to become a local “celebrity” and show off your riding skills, or lack of them.  If you or someone you know would be interested in riding one of the donkeys please go to http://thelinncountyfair.com/donkey-races/ to fill out the entry form. We are looking for team of four. We are hoping to have all 40 riders placed by June 13th. It will be a fun event for all ages and a good opportunity to show your community support.
2014 Donkey Races
Several Notes for Riders:
  • Minimum age of 16 years old
  • All Riders must weigh less than 225 pounds
  • Suggested to be in good healthy and physical fit
  • Must attend the training class prior to the event the night of the races. The class will be at 6:30pm.
  • Gym shoes or boots are a must, no cleats, spikes or sandals
  • Feel free to wear your organizations/team shirts/t-shirts
  • Long pants should be worn
  • For a crowd pleaser feel free to come in outlandish costume.
  • Baseball helmets and elbow/knee pads will be provided.
Email donkeyraces@thelinncountyfair.com for questions or more details.  Here is your chance to become a local “celebrity” in the Dairyland Celebrity Donkey Races at The Linn County Fair!
2014 donkey races

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