2014 Quilt Block Challenge Winner

The sixth annual Quilt Block Challenge is now in the history books. Forty five blocks were submitted for the challenge.  Contestants used fabrics provided to them to create a quilt block. One of the pieces of fabric was designated as the focus fabric for their block. All fabrics were included in the kit that was provided by Connie’s Quilt Shop of Marion.
Blocks were displayed at the 2014 Linn County Fair June 25th-30th, 2014. The blocks were judged for the Viewer’s Choice and received a $25 gift certificate from Connie’s Quilt Shop. The 2014 Quilt Block Challenge winner was block #40 created by Sara Serbosek of Cedar Rapids.
Later the blocks will be made into a quilt to be raffled off at the 2015 fair. All proceeds will go towards improvements of The Linn County Fair.

The 2013 Quilt Block Challenge blocks were made into a beautiful quilt that was raffled off at this year’s fair. Cheryy Elsberen from Walker was the winner of the 2014 quilt raffle.


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