4-H/FFA Livestock Auction supports the Lynn Dunn Memorial Building

Every year many 4-H and FFA members look forward to showing their livestock at The Linn County Fair in Central City. Some then sell their prized animal in the Livestock Auction at the end of the fair is scheduled for tomorrow, Monday, June 30th. The proceeds from the livestock auction goes directly to the 4-H or FFA member. Many save up this money and put it towards college. Others use it to continue raising their other livestock at home and some members pay it forward and donate their auction checks to project dear to their heart.

Allison Zumbach 2013 Fair Queen and a recent graduate of North Linn, showed her final sheep at the Linn County Fair this week placing Reserved Champion Pairs of Lambs, Reserve Heavy Weight and Champion Lightweight. Allison has shown sheep since her 8th grade year in 4-H. Each year she has donated the proceeds of selling her lamb from the 4-H auction to the Lynn Dunn Memorial Building Fund for a new facility located on the fairgrounds.

Allison Zumbach

Allison Zumbach

Lynn Dunn was the person that perked Allison interest in choosing sheep as a 4-H project. She first met Lynn through her church. Lynn would bring lambs to church service several times a year for the Pastor to use with his sermon. Allison and Lynn would visit each Sunday about raising sheep and how she could get started. Unfortunately, Lynn passed away before Allison was able to show her first lambs at the Linn County Fair. She has always felt he has been there in spirit especially in 2011 when she won Grand Champion Market Lamb and Pairs of Lamb.

Lynn’s influence on Allison has had a ripple effect as she has decided to inspire others just as Lynn did as a 4-H leader and a Linn County Fair board member. After selling her first lamb in 2009 at the 4-H auction Allison decided to give the market check to the Lynn Dunn Memorial Fund to help in the fund raising for the new building. Her first check she donated was in 2009 was for $911. Word soon leaked out about Allison giving her check to the fund and she inspired others to help with the building fund. In 2011 a record sell of her 4-H lamb raised over $15,000 for the building fund.

One group inspired by Allison is the 4-H Poultry Committee. The have sold all the fresh eggs laid during fair week along with cookie basket during the auction. The 4-H Poultry Queen and Princess will be helping auction off Fair Fresh Eggs at the livestock auction again tomorrow at the auction. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the fresh eggs will also be donated to the Lynn Dunn Memorial Building.

Allison would like to thank all the past buyers that have purchased at the auction and have helped in raising the $24,600 to date. She is currently short of her goal of raising $30,000. Her hope is that she would be able to raise the addition $5400 at this year’s livestock auction.

The Livestock Auction will be held tomorrow at The Linn County Fairgrounds in Central City starting at 1pm. Lunch will be provided for buyers at noon. The Linn County Fair Association helps put on the auction every year and with the help of Farmer State Bank clerking this event it is a successful event every year. Special thanks to this year’s auctioneers Jon Airy and Louis Zumbach.

If you are interested in being a buyer for Allison’s lamb or interested in some prime meat, fresh eggs or looking to support your local 4-H or FFA kids you need to check out the Livestock Auction tomorrow, Monday, June 26th. For more information on the 4-H Livestock Auction contact Bud Blackford by phone: 319-721-9133.

The Lynn Dunn Memorial building is in the final completion of construction and will play a big part of the 2014 fair by housing all the 4-H Club Booths and show casings the 4-H member static projects. The exhibit hall in the building will also offer a stage for great education presentations. For more information on the Lynn Dunn Memorial building please visit http://www.thelinncountyfair.com/lynn-dunn.html



Lynn Dunn Memorial Building

Lynn Dunn Memorial Building


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