2014 Results – Oreo Cookie Stacking Contest Results

How many Oreo cookies can you stack in a single stack in 30 seconds? Many kids got to find out that answer on Thursday, 26, 2014 in the Farm Bureau Free Entertainment Tent at the fair as part of Youth Day Fair in Central City.

The contest was open to ages 9-18 and Seniors 55 and up. There was even a “Royalty Class”. It was limited to the first 50 entries in each category. Each participant had 30 seconds to stack as many Oreo cookies in a single stack.


Cookie Stacking 2014

Ages 5 and Under

1st Place: Preston Martin, Cedar Rapids(14 Cookies)

2nd Place: Claire Johnston, Madison, WI(13 Cookies)

Ages 6-8

1st Place: Justin Stevens, Cedar Rapids(16 Cookies)

2nd Place: Nicholas Hansen, Coggon(15 Cookies)

Ages 9-11

1st Place: Ricky Hansen, Coggon(18 Cookies)

2nd Place: Oliver Burns(16 Cookies)

Ages 12-14

1st Place: Rebecca Stevens, Cedar Rapids(18 Cookies)

2nd Place: Patrick Hansen, Cedar Rapids(15 Cookies)

Seniors 55 & Up

1st Place: Rick Smith, Mt. Pleasant(19 Cookies)

2nd Place: Fro Smith, Mt. Pleasant(7 Cookies)

Royalty Chllenge

Queen – Molly Hogan(17 Cookies)

Princess – Kelly Breja(15 Cookies)

Little Miss – Addison Sloan(12 Cookies)


Cooking Stacking 2014-1


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