Meet “Intern Bee”

Let me introduce myself, I am “Intern Bee”. I am a guest blogger and will be sharing my excitement for the upcoming fair events this year. This year the fair is offering a Rodeo, two concerts, multiple races, and the Truck N’ Tractor pull.Inline image 1

As a youngster Bee I enjoyed my small pedal Tractor and could name all sorts of tractors/trucks. As The Linn County Fair approaches my excitement does as well for all of the events that the fair offers, especially the Truck N’ Tractor Pull. The Truck N’ Tractor Pull has sold out in the past and will most likely sell out again.
The Truck N’ Tractor Pull is a must see event at the fair. Be it you need a moment to sit and relax or enjoy seeing who can pull the most weight. The Truck N’ Tractor Pull will be held June 28th at 7 P.M. Be sure to check all fair events at our website, the Fair is held June 25-30. Be ready to see some excellent trucks and see if we can set another attendance record!



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