Write your script, assemble your actors, and get your cameras rolling for the first annual Linn County Fair Video Contest. Contestants will film a video promoting one of our One Day Contests. The videos will be placed on The Linn County Fair Facebook page where the public can vote for their favorite. Winners will receive grandstand tickets to the event of their choice.
Specific rules of the contest and other One Day Contest can be found on for video submission is June 6, 2014Winners will receive grandstand tickets to the event of their choice.
  1. No age or residency restriction.
  2. Contestant may be an individual or a team up to 4 people.
  3. Contestant may submit only one video picking the category of their choice.
  4. Categories are:
    1. Edible Bug Contest
    2. Cookie Stacking Contest
    3. Wearable Duct Tape Contest
    4. Call Me Martha Contest
    5.  Amateur Wine Making Contest
    6. Tablescaping Contest
    7.  Dancin’ Thru The Decades Dance Off
    8. Amateur Grilling Contest
    9. Cooking With Rhubarb Contest
    10. Cooking With Strawberries Contest
    11. Ultimate Cupcake Contest
    12. Recycled Garden Art Contest
  5. Length of each video must not exceed 5 minutes.
  6. Each video must contain the following information:
    1. Name of contest
    2. Specific rules of the contest (can be found on )
      1. Residency and age requirements
      2.  Pre-registration deadline, if applicable
      3. Categories
      4. Restrictions, if any
      5. Judging criteria, if applicable
  7. Videos may contain:
    1. Samples
    2. How to instructions
    3. Tips and tricks
    4. Music
    5. Graphics
  8.  Deadline for video submission is June 6, 2014.
  9. Submit your video by going to The contest committee will review each video to ensure it contains accurate information and is appropriate for family viewing. It will then be uploaded up to YouTube/Facebook and The Linn County Fair’s website.
  10. Winner will be decided by the number of likes received on Facebook as of midnight on June 24, 2014.
  11. Winner will receive tickets to the grandstand event of their choice.

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