The Linn County 4-Her’s competed in the Horse/Pony Game Show on Monday, July 1, 2013 at the Delaware County Fairgrounds in Manchester.  The games competition included Barrels, Flags, Speed and Poles for a combined point total.

9th Grade and Above – Pony

High Point Champion                           Jacque Murray, Ely riding Sunruler

High Point Reserve  —         Tie           Andrea Ertz, Central City riding Roy

Sara-Anne Kettelkamp, Marion riding Remington Steele


8th Grade and Below – Pony

High Point Champion                           Corrine  Kettelkamp, Marion riding Elmo

High Point Reserve                              Aleah Brown, Central City riding Abby

9th Grade and Above – Horse

High Point Champion                           Maree Bean, Center Point riding Dakota                                       

High Point Reserve                              Josh Kettelkamp, Marion riding Bugs

8th Grade and Below – Horse                         

High Point Champion                           Sierra Dougherty, Central City riding Willy

High Point Reserve                              Aleah  Brown, Central City riding Fiona


Joe Soukup Memorial Ranch Horse/Pony Pleasure

Sara-Anne Kettelkamp, Marion riding Remington Steele




4-H, the youth component of the Iowa State University Extension, offers opportunities to choose from among fifty different project areas.  The 4-H program is open to all urban and rural youth kindergarten through 12th grade.  For more information about 4-H, contact the Linn County Extension Office, 383 Collins Road, Suite 201, Cedar Rapids, or phone 377-9839.  Extension programs are available to all without regard to race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age or disability.


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