2013 4-H/FFA Livestock & Fresh Egg Auction

Every year many 4-H and FFA members look forward to showing their livestock at The Linn County Fair in Central City. Some then sell their prized animal in the Livestock Auction at the end of the fair. The proceeds from the livestock auction goes directly to the 4-H or FFA member. Many save up this money and put it towards college. Others use it to continue raising their other livestock at home. 
The Livestock Auction will be held this year at the Delaware County Fairgrounds in Manchester, tomorrow, July 1st at 1pm. Lunch will be provided for buyers at noon. The Linn County Fair Association helps put on the auction every year and with the help of Farmer State Bank clerking this event it is a successful event every year. Special thanks to this year’s auctioneers Jon Airy and Louis Zumbach.

The 4-H Poultry Queen and Princess will also be helping auction off Fair Fresh Eggs at the livestock auction tomorrow.  Hundred percent of the proceeds from the fresh eggs will be donated to the Lynn Dun Memorial Building. Last year the Poultry Committee raised $2,334 at the auction with their Fair Fresh Eggs. They are hoping to do just as good or even better this year.  If you are interested in some prime meat, fresh eggs or looking to support your local 4-H or FFA kids you need to check out the Livestock Auction tomorrow, Monday, July 1st at 1pm at the Delaware County Fairgrounds in Manchester.

Poultry- fresheggsauction
For more information contact Bud Blackford by phone: 319-721-9133.


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