“Challenge Grant” – Lynn Dunn Memorial Building Project

The Linn County Supervisors have supported The Linn County Fair for many years, which has allowed the fair to grow to where it is today. With the help of the “Challenge Grant” provide by the county supervisors, the fair has been able to double the money they raised for the Lynn Dunn Memorial (LDM) Building Project from June 1, 2012 to December 2012. The Linn County Fair Association raised $50,000, which was doubled with the “Challenge Grant.”

Left to Right: Neal Horning presenting the Linn County Cattlemen check to Jean Dunn & Deb Zumbach

Left to Right: Neal Horning presenting the Linn County Cattlemen check to Jean Dunn & Deb Zumbach

The Fair Association did several different fundraisers to help raise the money for the LDM Building Project. Some of the fundraisers included the Anniversary Cookbooks that many of the local 4-H clubs helped sell. The fair’s annual “Kick-off” event and auction in the fall that helped raised over $21,000 towards the fund. The “2×4 Campaign” that was held prior to the 2012 fair that allowed individuals to donate $200 to the fund in turn for a 4 pack of grandstand booklets.


The annual 4-H/FFA livestock auction that was held at the 2012 fair was a big fundraisers with some 4-hers that donated to the project the money they raised from the selling of their livestock . The 4-Hers included Allison Zumbach, Morgan Lefebure and the Poultry Committee that auctioned off fresh eggs and homemade cookies.

Deb Zumbach, Director of Finance and Partnerships for The Linn County Fair, said one of her most memorial things about being involved in this project was “seeing 4-H members get involved, whether it was selling cookbooks or auctioning their animals and donating the money.” She added her involvement with the project was rewarding. “Plus knowing I have a part in making Lynn’s dream come true has been memorable.  Lynn was a huge mentor to my children and to see his dream come true has become a dream of not only me but my families.”

Deb Zumbach

Deb Zumbach

The LDM Building Committee has put in many hours to coordinate all the details of the building and how to raise the money for the project. Special thanks to the committee for their commitment to this project- Louie & Deb Zumbach, Bud & Kris Blackford, Stephen Martin, Jean Dunn and Jennifer Dunn.

Estimate cost of the LDM Building Project is $800,000. Eastern Iowa Buildings of Cedar Rapids has been hired by the fair association to build the new building with John Bohlken as the general contractor. The ground breaking event is scheduled for Sunday, June 30th at 12:30pm during the fair. To date the LDM Building Project has raised $341,365. There is still time to donate to the project, for more information on the project and how to donate go to http://thelinncountyfair.com/lynn-dunn.html

Special thanks to all the donors and the 4-Hers that help raise the funds for the project.  See below for the complete list of the donors that helped raise the $50,000 for the “Challenge Grant.”

Lynn Dunn Memorial Building Project


The Lynn Dunn Memorial Building Project is in honor of a man whose passion was The Linn County Fair. Lynn served as a board member for many years even holding many leadership positions within The Linn County Fair Association with great pride and diligence. He also served as director of the Association of Iowa Fairs Northeast District before his passing.

Lynn’s dream was to take The Linn County Fair to the next level, he helped bring this dream to life when bringing back the carnival, providing concerts, and more grandstand events. His next dream was to have a building on the Linn County Fairgrounds that was an “all year” building. It would include meeting rooms, kitchen and exhibition hall. Currently the fairgrounds have to shut down during the months of October-April. With this new facility the fairgrounds will be open all year long for 4-H meetings, board meetings, receptions, etc. For information on the project and how you can contribute please contact Deb Zumbach, Partnership Manger at 319-350-5297 or deb@thelinncountyfair.com.

The Linn County Fair in Central City from June 26th- July 1st,  2013

Summary of Challenge Grant Donors
Date Donor Fundraising Area Amount
6/12/2012 Indian Creek 4-H Club 2×4 campaign 2012 $ 200.00
6/12/2012 Roy & Sharon Bowers 2×4 campaign 2012 $ 200.00
6/14/2012 Loyd & Lois Martin 2×4 campaign 2012 $ 200.00
6/19/2012 Jeff & Marcia Jordan 2×4 campaign 2012 $ 200.00
6/21/2012 Tim & Kathy Clemens 2×4 campaign 2012 $ 200.00
7/5/2012 LCF-Pop/Beer Tips general $ 30.00
7/5/2012 Teddy & Amy Steger general-l. auction $ 25.00
7/5/2012 Cruisen Conc./Deb & Dan Klouda 4th of July Vendor $ 150.00
7/5/2012 Ron & Bev Johnson general-l. auction $ 250.00
7/5/2012 Poultry Committee raffle $ 334.85
7/5/2012 Carrother Trucking general-l. auction $ 150.00
7/6/2012 Bud & Kris Blackford & Family Poultry Eggs & Cookie Basket $ 500.00
7/6/2012 Sloan Farms Poultry Eggs & Cookie Basket $ 500.00
7/6/2012 Balderson Farms Poultry Eggs & Cookie Basket $ 500.00
7/6/2012 Balster Family Trust Poultry Eggs & Cookie Basket $ 500.00
7/6/2012 Louie & Deb Zumbach Poultry Eggs & Cookie Basket $ 500.00
7/23/2012 Andrew & Ann Wooldridge general-mailed in $ 25.00
7/23/2012 Eric & Amber Cress general donation $ 100.00
8/17/2012 Allison Zumbach sheep market check 2012 $ 149.64
8/17/2012 Barbie & Jeremy Waltz 2012 Zumbach sheep $ 200.00
8/17/2012 Jean Dunn 2×4 campaign 2012 $ 200.00
8/17/2012 Titan Machinery 2012 M.Lefebure’s lamb $ 1,420.00
8/17/2012 Open Goat Show t-shirt sales proceeds $ 210.50
8/17/2012 Don & Shirle Henley work hours donated $ 3,440.00
8/21/2012 LCF-Bouncy House proceeds from ticket sales $ 13.00
8/21/2012 LCF-Church Service offering 2013 $ 129.30
9/4/2012 Steve & Karen Martin 2012 Zumbach sheep $ 3,000.00
9/4/2012 Brad & Laura Lewin general-challenge $ 200.00
9/4/2012 Jim & Jane Meisheid general-challenge $ 400.00
9/29/2012 LCF-golf cart tips/d.boxes general $ 630.16
10/23/2012 Carmin Chiafos cookbook-general $ 10.00
10/23/2012 Whittier Willing Workers general-challenge $ 250.00
11/20/2012 Loyd & Lois Martin Kickoff Gen. Donation 2013 $ 1,000.00
11/20/2012 Whittier Willing Workers cookbook-general $ 7.00
11/20/2012 Samantha Jackson Kickoff Gen. Donation 2013 $ 50.00
11/20/2012 Linn County Cattleman Assoc. Kickoff Gen. Donation 2013 $ 10,000.00
12/10/2012 John & Barb Burke general $ 20.00
12/15/2012 LCF-cookbook sale cookbook proceeds $ 2,500.00
12/15/2012 LCF-Kick Off 2013 Kickoff proceeds 2013 $ 10,000.00
12/15/2012 LCF-basket sale sale basket sale-transfer $ 2,696.31
12/17/2012 Dwayne Becker general donation $ 200.00
12/31/2012 CR Greater Foundation grant $ 15,000.00
Total Challenge Grant Funds $ 56,290.76


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