Linn County Cattlemen Donates $10K to Linn County Fair Project

The Linn County Cattlemen donates ten thousand dollars to the Lynn Dunn Memorial Building Project at The Linn County Fair’s annual Fair Kick-Off Event and Fundraiser. The event was held on Saturday, November 17th at 5pm at the Prairie Hill Pavilion in Marion.

2012-KickOff-LCCattlemen Table

Neal Horning, President of the Linn County Cattlemen, presented the check to Jean Dunn and Deb Zumbach of the Linn County Fair. Jean Dunn expressed her gratitude to the Cattlemen and their continuous support of the fair and of Lynn Dunn’s dreams.  The Linn County Cattlemen are involved in the community providing donations and scholarships to youth beef exhibitors in Linn County. The Cattlemen also help with the Fair’s annual Fair Board Cook-off the first day of the fair.

Left to Right: Neal Horning presenting the Linn County Cattlemen check to Jean Dunn & Deb Zumbach

The Linn County Fair Association wants to thank the Linn County Cattlemen once again for their generous donation to the Lynn Dunn Memorial Building Project.


Linn County Cattle Industry (source
The livestock industry is a very important component of the economy of Linn County. Cattle feeding is especially valuable as a value-added industry that uses feed grain production of the region.

The total number of cattle marketed in Linn County is 27,302 animals. These production numbers represent about 0.9 percent of Iowa’s total number of cattle marketed. These cattle numbers translate to $18 million of cattle production.

Total employment associated with the cattle industry including meatpacking and all secondary off-farm employment is estimated at 472 jobs. Overall, an estimated 116 jobs are directly associated with cattle production and another 89 are jobs indirectly linked to other agricultural sectors.

The total income impacts associated with the Linn County cattle industry are distributed in a pattern similar to the employment impacts. Total income, including wage and salary, is estimated at $13 million. By combining total income with all net economic activity related to the county’s cattle industry, the total economic effect is an estimated $22 million.

For more information on the Linn County Cattlemen contact Neal Horning- President- 319-560-4360 or Joel Meythaler- Vice President – 3419-329-2152


The Lynn Dunn Memorial Building Project

The Lynn Dunn Memorial Building Project in honor of a man whose passion was the Linn County Fair.  Lynn served as a board member for many years even holding many leadership positions within the Linn County Fair Association with great pride and diligence. He also served as director of the Association of Iowa Fairs Northeast District before his passing.

Lynn’s dream was to take the Linn County Fair to the next level, he helped bring this dream to life when bringing back the carnival, providing concerts, and more grandstand events.  His next dream was to have a building on the Linn County Fairgrounds that was an “all year” building.  It would include meeting rooms, kitchen and exhibition hall.  Currently the fairground has to shut down during the months of October-April.  With this facility the fairgrounds would be open all year long for 4-H meetings, board meetings, receptions, etc. For information on the project and how you can contribute please go to

For more information on the Lynn Dunn Building project go to or contact Deb Zumbach, Partnership Manger at 319-350-5297 or


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