Linn County Fair’s 125th Anniversary Cook Book – On Sale

The Linn County Fair Association is excited to be celebrating our 125th Anniversary for this coming 2013 fair. To help mark the anniversary we put together an anniversary cook book. The cook book is not only a celebration the 125th anniversary but of great cooks. Items Included in the cook book is the fair’s history, pictures, past fair royalty and fair themes.


The cook book includes about 800 family favorite recipes. Categories include: Appetizers, Beverages, & Snacks; Sales & Salad Dressings; Soups & Sauces; Breads, Rolls & Muffins; Breakfast; Sandwiches, Main Dishes; Vegetables; Desserts & Candy; Cookies & Frosting; Pies & Pastries; and Miscellaneous. 


Recipes for the cook book were submitted this past summer by the young and young at heart, 4-H members as well as families submitted their tried and true family favorites. Included are also recipes from special family members that are deceased to allow their memories of being great cooks live through a special recipe to be shared by everyone. 


All proceeds of the sale of the cookbook will be donated to the Lynn Dunn Memorial Fund Building project to help support the construction of a year round educational facility at the fairgrounds.  Proceeds of the book will also be match dollar for dollar by the Linn County Challenge Grant.


First chance to get a cookbook is this Saturday, October 13th, plus the remaining Saturdays in October, from 8 am to noon in the Morton Building at The Linn County Fair grounds.  Cook books are $15 each and can also be purchased from any Linn County 4-H members, fair association members or by going to for a list of businesses helping to promote the sale of the cook book.  Books can be shipped for an additional charge, order forms are available online. 


Any questions please email


Linn County Fair & Lynn Dunn Memorial Project: 

Our mission of The Linn County Fair Association is to provide opportunities for 4-Her’s, FFA members and the youth of Linn County to showcase their accomplishments and talents in a safe family atmosphere while providing activities, entertainment and learning opportunities to the diverse citizens of Linn County and guests from surrounding areas.

Our goal as the Linn County Fair is to provide cost effective entertainment & educational activities to the Linn County Residents, this includes free gate and parking for all attendees. We are able to continue to be a strong asset to the county and community with the help of our many partners and supporters of the fair. 

Lynn Dunn served as a board member for many years even holding many leadership positions within the Linn County Fair Association with great pride and diligence. He also served as director of the Association of Iowa Fairs Northeast District before his passing.  Lynn’s dream was to take the Linn County Fair to the next level, he helped bring this dream to life when bringing back the carnival, providing concerts, and more grandstand events.  His next dream was to have a building on the Linn County Fairgrounds that was a “all year” building.  It would include meeting rooms, kitchen and banquet hall.  Currently the fairground has to shut down during the months of October-April.  With this educational facility the fairgrounds would be open all year long for 4-H meetings, board meetings, receptions, corporate gatherings, etc.


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