2012 Results – 4-H/FFA Beef Show

4-H and FFA youth exhibited beef animals at the June 30, 2012 Linn County Fair Beef Show.  Winners are:

First Calf Heifer with Calf Champion:  Jenna Nulle, Springville

Champion, Aged Cow with Calf:  Braden Oxley, Marion

Champion, Returning Bucket Bottle Calf:  Mikayla Hartl, Central City

Champion Home Raised Breeding Heifer:  Mitchell Koepping, Marion

Reserve Champion Home Raised Breeding Heifer:  Brendan Schott, Coggon

Champion Angus Heifer:  Abby Klendworth, Walker

Reserve Champion Angus Heifer:  Ryan Benesh, Marion

Champion Chianina Heifer:  Braden Oxley, Marion

Reserve Champion Chianina:  Tanner Woodson, Central City

Champion Charolais Composite Heifer:  Tayler Etzel, Alburnett

Champion Hereford Heifer:  Dustin Lange, Alburnett

Champion Maine Tainer Heifer:  Tanner Woodson, Central City

Reserve Maine Tainer Heifer:  Levi Flitsch, Central City

Champion Shorthorn Plus Heifer:  JeNeal Horning, Marion

Champion Shorthorn Heifer:  Tanner Rosdail, Marion

Reserve Shorthorn Heifer:  Kyler Schott, Coggon

Champion Foundation  Heifer:  Lydia Brown,  Cedar Rapids

Reserve Champion  Foundation  Heifer: Jay Flitsch, Central City

Champion High % Simmental Heifer:  Garrett  Betenbender, Center Point

Reserve Champion High % Simmental Heifer:  Ella Whitham, Central City

Champion Commercial Heifer:  Nathan Novak, Mt. Vernon

Reserve Champion Commercial Heifer:  Taylor Etzel, Alburnett


Top 5 Overall Breeding Heifers

1.       Nathan Novak, Mt. Vernon – Commercial Champion

2.       Tayler Etzel, Alburnett – Commercial Reserve

3.       Abby Klendworth, Walker – Angus

4.        Tayler Etzel, Alburnett – Charolais Composite

5.       JeNeal Horning, Marion – Shorthorn Plus

Champion Returning Bucket Bottle:  Rylee Menster, Springville

Reserve Champion Returning Bucket Bottle:  Anna Tichy, Ely

Champion Home Raised Steer:  JeNeal Horning, Marion

Reserve Home Raised Steer:  Garrett  Betenbender, Center Point

Reserve Champion Home Raised Market Heifer:  Kylie Mysak, Springville

Champion Market Heifer:  Nathan Novak, Mt. Vernon

Reserve Champion Market Heifer:   Tanner Rosdail, Marion

Champion Angus Steer:  Abby Klendworth, Walker

Reserve Champion Angus Steer:  Riley Young, Center Point

Champion Chianina Steer:  Grace Ehlinger, Marion

Champion Hereford Steer:  David Iehl, Central City

Champion Maine Anjou Steer:  Hallie Corum, Springville

Champion Shorthorn Steer:  Kyler Schott, Coggon

Champion  Simmental Steer:  Robbie Carrothers, Alburnett

Champion  Crossbred Steer:  Cole Bamrick, Ryan

Reserve Champion Crossbred Steer:  Montana Martin, Central City

Top 5 Overall

1                     Cole  Bamrick, Ryan

2                     Montana Martin, Central City

3                     Nathan Novak, Mt. Vernon – Heife

4                     JeNeal Horning, Marion – Home Raised

5                     Abby Klendworth, Walker


Top Ten Rate of Gain

1st   Cody Benesh, Marion

2nd  Kylie Mysak, Springville

3rd  Ryan Benesh, Marion

4th  MacKinze Carrothers, Alburnett

5th  Brian Sindelar, Springville

6th  Brian Sindelar,  Springville

8th  Cody Benesh, Marion

7th  Robbie Carrothers, Alburnett

9th  Tucker Franklin,  Alburnett

10th Evan Kaczinski, Marion


Top showmanship winners

Champion Advanced Showman:   JeNeal Horning

Reserve Advanced Showman:  David Iehl, Central City

Champion Senior Showman:   Tayler Etzel, Alburnett

Reserve Senior Showman:  Austin Himes, Central City

Champion Intermediate Showman:  Levi Flitsch, Central City

Reserve Intermediate Showman:  Abby Klendworth, Walker

Champion Junior Showman:  Jalea Horning, Marion

Reserve Champion Showman:  Fallon Finnegan, Walker


Obstacle Course

Senior  First:  Anna Tichy, Ely

Senior Second:  JeNeal Horning, Marion

Intermediate First:  Levi Flitsch, Central City

Intermediate Second:  Donesha Moyer, Anamosa

Junior First:  David Iehl, Central City

Junior Second:  Tanner Rosdail, Marion

All Around Beef Award:

All-Around Beef Exhibitor, Senior, First: Tanner Woodson, Central City

All-Around  Beef Exhibitor, Senior, Second: JeNeal Horning, Marion

All-Around Beef Exhibitor, Intermediate, First:  Levi Flitsch, Central City

All-Around Beef Exhibitor, Intermediate, Second:  Doneshia Moyer, Anamosa

All-Around Beef Exhibitor, Junior, First:  JaLea Horning, Marion

All-Around Beef Exhibitor, Junior, Second:  Jay Flitsch, Central City

 4-H, the youth component of the Iowa State University Extension, offers opportunities to choose from among fifty different project areas. The 4-H program is open to all youth kindergarten through 12th grade. For more information about 4-H, contact the Linn County Extension Office, 3279 7th Ave. Suite 140, Marion, or phone 319-377-9839.


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