Chuck Wagon Races Results

Meet the teams of the 2010 Chuck Wagon Races:


The 2010 season will be the Purple B’s 13th year in our association.
Kurt Bond of Shell Rock, Iowa is the owner and driver of this wagon. Cole Deutsch of Ionia, Steven Clemens of Allison, Kyle Ohrt of Shell Rock, Josh Holthous of New Hampton, and Seth Koblassa of Shell Rock, are his outriders.

Their Powder Puff wagon is driven by Jen Brase of Greene, and outriders are: Kathy Crooks of Charles City, and Christa Jordan of Fredricksburg.
The Purple B is sponsored by Ohler Pump of Janesville, Iowa.


John & Billy Kobliska are co-owners of the Red M wagon. Billy, from Elma, IA is their driver and the 2010 season will be their 8th year in the association. His outriders are: Tracy Jordan of Fredricksburg; Jeremy Lockard of Randalia; Cory Miner of Postville; and Tanner Wangsness of Allison.
Their Powder Puff wagon is being driven by Lora Jordan of Elma and outriders are Wendy Wedemeier of Maynard and Jenny Knudsen of Maynard.
R&R Welding of New Hampton, Kobliska Chiropractic of Waterloo, Advanced Insulation of Wavery, and Henniges Trucking of Sumner will be sponsoring this wagon, along with the Blue Bird Tavern, of Elma, Iowa.


The 2010 season will be the second year for the White W. Rob Bond of Nashua, Iowa is the owner and driver of this wagon. His outriders are Mike McAvoy of Hampton, Iowa; Stephen Lines of Ionia, Iowa; Clay Wilken of Plainfield, Iowa; and Caleb Wilken of Plainfield, Iowa.
The White W has a Powder Puff wagon driven by Lori Lensing of Basset, Iowa. Outriders are Charity Miller of Hampton, Iowa and Tina Johnson of Kensett, Iowa.

The “Cooler Crew” consists of “Big Lare” Lensing and Emily Bond.


The Gray B is owned and operated by Danny Bohlen of Allison, Iowa. 2010 will be his 31st year in our association. Outriders are Travis Moulder of Clarksville, Alan “Muddy” Deutsch of Nashua, Justin Lore of Basset, Kyler Deutsch of Nashau, and Dalton Bohlen of Allison.
Their Powder Puff Wagon is being driven by June Rieck of Fredericksburg; Shannon Rieck of Fredericksburg and Devon Deutsch of Ionia are outriders.
This wagon is being sponsored by NC+ Seed Corn of Shell Rock, Iowa, Max Meyers.


The 2010 season is the 6th year for owner and driver Brandon Bouillon of Nashua, Iowa and the Orange B Wagon.  His outriders are: Ben Martin of Sioux City, IA; Tom Nehl of Alta Vista, IA; Brian Geerts of Jerico, IA; and Neal Waddell of Elma, IA.

His wife Christina is the driver of their Powder Puff Wagon, and her outriders are: Amanda Mitchell of Allison, IA and Patricia Galvin of Sioux City, IA.

The Orange B sponsors are: Raleigh Hills – Ionia, Wilken & Sons – Nashua, Kensett & Waukon, Blake’s Cocktails – Waverly, Johnston Financial Serices, LLC – Waverly and Northeast Machine & Tool – Janesville.


The 2010 season is the 10th  year  the Black D will be owned by Randy Essick and Jim Woodall. Jim “Bo”, of Spencer, Iowa will be doing the driving for this wagon, while Randy will be outriding along with Donnie Campbell of Spencer, Troy Campbell of Spencer, and Donnie Essick of Dickens, IA.
Their Powder Puff Wagon will be driven by Tania Olsen of Charles City, IA and the outriders will be: Brittany West and Breanna Rindels both of Waverly.


The Gold Double DD is owned by Dennis Dohlman of Bristow.

The 2010 season will be his 7th year as a sole owner in our association, although he was a co-owner for 17 years prior to that. Outriders are Brad Schmitz of Allison; Clint Dohlman of Aplington; Mike Finnegan of Hampton; and Mark Bangasser of Allison. Kevin Bucknell of Plainfield, Iowa is driving this wagon, and they are sponsored by LIDDLE-EBERT FARM DRAINAGE of Plainfield, IA.

Their Powder Puff wagon is driven by Kelly Bucknell of Plainfield and outriders are Mavis Dohlman of Parkersburg and Kasey Lane of CharlesCity.


The 2010 season will be the first for the Blue L wagon. It is owned by the Lantow Family of Nashua, IA. Lynn Lantow will be driving and outriders are: Brian Bilharz, Clint Deutsch, Todd Nosbisch, and Randy “Petey” Carter all of Nashua.  Their Powder Puff wagon will be driven by Megan Lantow of Nashua; and outriders are Brenda Bilharz of Nashua and Kat Brilling of Elma. Their wagon is being sponsored by Lantow Farms of Nashua, Challenger Feeds of Waterloo, Jackie Livingston of Nashua, and The Halter Shop of Charles City.


More information about the Chuck Wagon Racers and video from this year’s fair races go to

Heat 1
1st – Red M
2nd – Purple B
3rd – Gray B
4th – Orange B
Heat 2
1st – Gold DD
2nd – Black D
3rd – White W
4th – Blue L
Powder Puff Heat 1
1st – Red M
2nd – Gray B
3rd- Purple B
4th – Orange B
Powder Puff Heat 2
1st – Gold DD
2nd – White W
3rd – Black D
4th – Blue L
Consolation Heat
1st – Gray B
2nd – Orange B
3rd – White W
4th – Blue L
Championship Heat
1st – Gold DD
2nd – Black D
3rd – Purple B
4th – Red M

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