2011 Results -Open static and horticulture exhibits encouraged at the fair…

The 2011 Linn County Fair was a great success. We are starting to prepare for the 2012 fair. We would like to promote and encourage more open class static and horticulture exhibits at the next fair. When is a better time to start your project then now. Especially with fall around the corner you will have more times on your hand to work on your hobby.
Let’s first recap the 2011 open static and horticulture winners.
Total number of exhibitors were 37 adults, 13 youth, 20 jr. youth. Total exhibits photography—140, 20—jr. division static exhibits—59, open horticulture—40. Total Quilt Block Votes—425.
2011 Fair Outstanding Exhibitors:
Open static division
Baked product-Lois Martin, Marion
Sewing-Kathy Clemens, Marion
Quilting-Kris Blackford, Alburnett
Needlework-June Nimeth
Scrapbooking-June Schrader, Marion
Art-Terri Ketcham
Crafts-Harold Stephenson, Alburnett
Photography-Dick Issacceson, Coggon
Open Horticulture Division
Flower-Lois Martin, Marion
Vegetable-Barb Snobl, Central City
Grandpa’s Produce-Albert Martin, Springville

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