2012 Results – Recycled Garden Art


The residents of Linn County and surrounding areas had another chance to help keep “trash” out of the landfill and turn it into art as part of The Linn County Fair’s Recycled Garden Art contest.   The special category this year was “critters” and some very talent people turned their trash into beautiful Critter Art.

Recycled Garden Art

Ages 3-11

  1. Tracie Martinson, Cedar Rapids
  2. Trenton & Henry Abel, Toddville

Ages 12-18

  1. Alexis Costello, Cedar Rapids

Ages 19-64

  1. Sharon Scott Bowers, Cedar Rapids
  2. Tied: Brad Schmidt, Cedar Rapids, Keith Novak, Cedar Rapids & Abby Costello, Cedar Rapids,
  3. Tied: Kathy Clemens, Marion, Julie M. Scott, Central City & Amber Burns, Cedar Rapids

65 & Over

  1. Lois Martin, Marion

Best of Show- Bret Blackford, Marion

People’s Choice Award- Tracie Martinson, Cedar Rapids

Special Category-“Critter”- Bret Blackford, Marion and Wyatt Blackford, Marion


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