2012 Linn County Fair Poultry Royalty Queen & Princess

Maree Bean 2012 Poultry Queen & J.D. Waybill 2012 Poultry Princess

This is the first year the Linn County Fair has had a Poultry Queen and Princess. The Poultry Program has had a lot of interest since Cedar Rapids started allowing chickens in city limits again. The program has grown so much in the last couple of years that there had become a need for more cages to allow all 4-Hers in Linn County to be able to show their poultry. The Linn County Fair Association purchased 75 more new cages this past spring.


The 4-H Poultry kids wanted to give back to The Linn County Fair, so they saved the fresh eggs that are laid during the fair this year and auctioned them off at the Live Stock Auction held on Monday, July 2, 2012.  All the proceeds from the eggs were donated to the Lynn Dunn Memorial Building project, which were then doubled as part of the Linn County Challenge Grant.


To add a little something sweet to the buyers of the fresh eggs the 4-Hers made homemade cookies that were added as part of the bid. The Linn County Poultry Program would like to thank the Linn County Fair Association for all their hard work to make the fair a great place.


Maree Bean
The 2012 Poultry Queen is Maree Bean. She has shown poultry for 3 years at the Linn County Fair and is currently a member of the Youth 4-H Poultry Committee.  Maree is a home schooler  that studies music and is very active in helping on the family farm. She is interested in starting her own poultry breeding program for her favorite breeds of birds the Bantam Wyandottes. Maree designed the decorations with the Peacock features on the tiaras seen in the photos the girls are wearing.


J.D. Waybill
The 2012 Poultry Princess is J.D. Waybill. She has shown poultry for 6 years at The Linn County Fair. J. D. is active in many areas of the 4-H Youth Programs, including the Youth 4-H Poultry Committee. J.D.’s handy work can be seen in the photo with the beautiful sashes. Her and her grandmother, Sarge Elliott of Central City, made and donated the sashes worn by the Princess and Queen.


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