2012 Results- 4-H/FFA Cavy (Guinea Pig) Show

The Cavy show was held on Thursday, June 28, 2012 at the Linn County Fair.  The Cavy (Guinea Pig) show gives youth a chance to share their knowledge and skill in working with Cavy.

Photo courtesy of G.G. Photography

Best Home Raised Cavy – Champion – John Paul Buss, Cedar Rapids

Photo courtesy of G.G. Photography

Purebred Cavies –

Champion Best in Show:  Brianna Murdock, Alburnett

Reserve Best in Show, Brianna Murdock, Alburnett

Best of Breed:

Abyssinian – Allison Green, Cedar Rapids

American – Brianna Murdock, Alburnett

Teddy – Allison Green, Cedar Rapids


Junior – Grade – 4-6                       Champion – John Paul Buss, Cedar Rapids

Intermediates – Grades 7-8            Champion  – Anna  Buss, Cedar Rapids

Advanced                                          Champion – Allison Green, Cedar Rapids



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4 responses to “2012 Results- 4-H/FFA Cavy (Guinea Pig) Show

  1. Corely Welch

    Why were cavies separated from the rabbits and judged a different day?

    • About a year ago we received a letter from Iowa State Veterinary Vet that advise us to separate the shows due to possible diseases And or sicknesses. Do to learning of the information the Linn County Extension had to act accordingly.

      • Corely Welch

        Linn County was the only fair that complied with this, even the Iowa State Fair did not separate them.
        I would think that if there was really a problem with it that the American Rabbit Breeders Association would have kept them separate at their National Convention and sent something out for the Rabbit and Cavy shows to be separate from each other.
        Cavies can catch a cold/flu/pneumonia from a human, do we need to separate them from the humans too?
        Rabbits catch sickness from other rabbits but still they are cooped with each other for the duration of the required time, rabbits catch illness from poultry but at most fairs they share the same cooping back and forth, sometimes in the same building.
        It sounds like the Iowa State Vets over reacted to something as many people who raise cavies also raise rabbits and in the same barn within feet of each other with zero problems.

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