22 days to go… Tablescaping Contest

Tablescaping, the art of arranging tables to create a mood from ordinary to extraordinary, makes its debut appearance as another new competition at the Linn County Fair in 2012. On Saturday, June 30 contestants will use the 2’ x 4’ table provided for them and by adding their own plates, stemware, flatware, centerpiece, etc create a decorative tablescape. The exhibit will be open to the public from noon until 6 pm.

Contestants will pick their own theme and decorate the table accordingly, including a menu. Fresh flowers, unlit candles, and other table decorations are allowed, but no food or perishable items. The tablescapes will be judged on aesthetic value, functionality, and creativity. Preregistration is required and must be submitted by June 15. For complete rules and registration form, visit our website: http://thelinncountyfair.com/2012/open-classes/tablescaping-contest.pdf.

Be sure check out the other one-day contests. http://thelinncountyfair.com/open-classes.html


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