“Call Me Martha” – one-day contest at fair..

Are you crafty? Do you like to use your imagination to create unique items? Do you work well under pressure?  Would you like to win a gift certificate to purchase crafts supplies and more?

Then hurry up and enter the new one-day contest at the Linn County Fair entitled:

“Call Me Martha”.

In this unique competition you will pit your skills against other crafty people by assembling a decorative item in 60 minutes using only the items supplied in a bag received at the beginning of the contest.   Contestants must bring their own construction supplies from the list below.  Linn County Fair will supply the craft items to be used.

This competition is open to all ages and contestant can consist of an individual or a team of two.

So two crafty friends, a parent and a child (children under 13 years of age must team with an adult), classmates, or neighbors can all form teams of two; or you can compete by yourself.  The competition is limited to the first 15 contestants (individual or team) that submit their registration form. The deadline for submission is June 15, 2012.

Each contestant (individual or team) will need to bring their own construction supplies. Only those supplies in the following list will be allowed:



  • Adhesive materials (glue, glue dots, tape, spray adhesive, etc.)
  • Cutting utensils (Scissors, X-acto knife, rotary cutter etc.)
  • Cutting board/mat or cardboard (to protect the table) REQUIRED
  • Measuring utensils (Ruler, tape measure, etc.)
  • Marking utensils (Pencil, chalk, Sharpie marker, etc.)
  • Sewing supplies (Needle, pins, thread)
  • Floral supplies (florist wire & florist tape)
  • Pliers and/or wire cutters

Because there will be no electricity available: NO ELECTRIC GLUE GUNS, GLUE POTS, ETC. And no additional supplies will be allowed.  The supplies you bring will be reviewed during the check-in process before the contest.

But what will be in the bag you receive?  As of yet, even I don’t know for sure. But it could contain any or all of the following:

Fabric              rhinestones      paper               ribbon              trim                  buttons                        jewelry

Silk flowers     foam                notions                        plastic              wood               shells               pinecones

Nuts                yarn                 cardboard        glitter               beads               sequins            felt

Recycled products (milk carton, cardboard tube, old magazine or book, etc.)

Contestants will have 60 minutes to construct a decorative item using as many of the items in the bag as possible.  At the end of the 60 minutes, contestants will bring their completed items along with the bag and craft items left over to the judges’ table.  So you need to be sure to make the item sturdy enough to transport.

Items will be judged on creativity, originality, neatness, and the number of items in the bag used. The judges will determine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. Prizes: 1st – $50.00 gift certificate, 2nd – $30.00 gift certificate, 3rd – $20.00 gift certificate (one prize per placing so teams must share prize)

All contestants will take their decorative item home.

The Linn County Fairgrounds is located just outside of Central City, IA east of Hwy. 13.

This competition will be held during our Community Day – Friday, June 29, 2012 with check-in beginning at 5 pm. So grab a friend, gather your supplies, and be one of the first 15 contestants to submit your registration.

For a complete set of rules and registration form go to our website, www.thelinncountyfair.com or click here to visit our 2012 Open Class page for more details 


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