Money raised during the Linn County Fair sends a WWI Veteran on a Honor Flight…

During the holidays we really cherish the important things in our lives and look back at the things we have accomplished. This year one WWII veteran is able to look back and feel proud of the things he was able to accomplish. He was able to go on an Honor Flight with the money that was raised at the Linn County Fair part of the fair’s Heritage Day. Read below the story of the veteran and their great story that aired in the Linn News-Letter on October 11, 2011…..

Spending Time With Dad on Honor Flight… Priceless
WWII Vet Eldon Akers and Son Allan, Vietnam Vet, Make September Honor Flight

by Rae Ann Holub, Editor

CENTRAL CITY – “It was on our ‘bucket list’,” says Allen Akers, about going on the Honor Flight with his Dad, Eldon Akers. “It’s sure hard to put into words what it was like.” Hard to put into words, but Allen and his father, Eldon Akers did a fine job conveying what it was like to make that Honor Flight together.
During the 2011 Linn County Fair, the board members allowed members of the Honor Flight organization to collect donations at the Friday night concert. Mary Clapp, Honor Flight representative notified the Fair Board members that, along with their generous donation, they had raised enough money to send a WWII veteran on an Honor Flight, and that veteran was Eldon Akers, of Central City.

Eldon Akers (left) and his son Allen

“Dad could have gone in April,” explained Allen. “But the Guardian spots were all filled, and we wanted to go together. I retired last year from Quaker Oats and that was the goal… to go with Dad on an Honor Flight. So we waited and went on the September 13 flight. Guardians have to pay their own way, but it was well worth it!”

Read the whole story:

Story on the front page of the Linn News-Letter on October 11, 2011  Story continues on Page 13 of Linn News-Letter

The Iwo Jima Memorial was Eldon's favorite, honoring the Marines during WWII.


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