4-H Static exhibits results and more..

Linn County Fair Family & Consumer Science; Creative Arts; Agriculture and Natural Resources; Personal Development; and Science, Engineering & Technology State Fair Winners Announced

4-H and FFA Family and Consumer Science, Visual Arts, Personal Development and Science, Agriculture and Engineering exhibits were evaluated on July 6, 2011 at the Linn County Fair.  These exhibits cover a wide range of topics including food and nutrition, personal development, crops, welding, visual arts, electricity and citizenship.  The exhibits chosen will be displayed at the Iowa State Fair in August.

Those chosen in the Family and Consumer Science Division were:

Child Development:  Caitlyn Nuehring, Marion.

Food and Nutrition:    Paul Elliott, Anamosa; Mikayla Bowen, Center Point; Kenyon Dolan, Cedar Rapids; Casey Robertson, Marion; Jessica Etten, Prairieburg;  Maree  Bean, Center Point; Morgan Lefebure,  Fairfax.

Home Improvement:  Paul Elliott, Anamosa; Shelby Malone, Central City; AJ Crow Schrader, Marion.

Sewing and Needle Arts:  JD Waybill, Central City; Alexa Gormley, Marion; Casey Robertson, Marion; Katie Toms, Marion.


Those chosen to represent Linn County at the Iowa State Fair in the Creative Arts Division were:

Music:  Bryton Hayes, Cedar Rapids.

Photography:  Ashley Lahr, Coggon; Sarah Goettler, Central City;  Amanda Dragon, Mt. Vernon; Axel Zumwalt, Marion; Doneshia Moyer Anamosa; Cody Benesh, Marion; Nicole Larson, Marion; Tayler Etzel, Alburnett; Austin Himes, Central City; Morgan Schmidt, Springville; Casey Robertson, Marion; Karis Holley, Marion; Holly Rohrssen, Center Point; Maree  Bean, Center Point; Abbi Holcomb, Cedar Rapids; Sierra Dougherty, Coggon;  Brianna Murdock, Alburnett; Shelby Malone, Central City; Nicole Uhlenkamp, Central City. 

Visual Arts:  Seth Pisarik, Mt. Vernon; Brylie Hayes, Cedar Rapids; Maree Bean, Center Point; Eric Sindelar, Cedar Rapids; Nate Marti, Mt. Vernon. 


Those chosen in the Personal Development Division were:

Communication:  Sadie Flatland, Springville.

Self Determined:  Anna Tichy, Ely, Chase Grabau, Robins.


Representatives from Linn County for the Agriculture and Natural Resources Division were:

Ag and Natural Resources:  Kylie Mysak, Springville. 

Animal Science:  Austin Himes, Central City; Morgan Schmidt, Springville; Sadie Flatland, Springville; AJ Crow Schrader, Marion.

Horticulture:  Eric Sindelar, Cedar Rapids

Safety and Education in Shooting Sports:  Clayton Loyd, Mt. Vernon.

Linn County youth selected in Science, Engineering & Technology classes were:

Digital Storytelling:  Casey Robertson, Marion.

Mechanics:   Molly Hogan, Coggon; Joe Gregoricka, Springville.

Woodworking:   Emilee Bean, Center Point; Jennifer Zingula, Marion.


For more information about joining 4-H – as a volunteer or as a member, contact the Linn County Extension Office, 3279 7th Avenue, Marion, or phone 377-9839.  4-H Youth Development programs provide youth experiences in project learning, communication, citizenship, leadership and personal decision making skills.


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