2011 Homemade Salsa Contest Results

The weather wasn’t the only thing hot during fair, so was the Homemade Salsa Competition. The competition was held on Saturday, July 9th and was open to all ages! Salsa was judged by a qualified panel of judges in the following categories Hot, Mild, and Fruit.  The entries were judged on the following criteria: aroma, consistency, color, appropriate heat level, taste and after-taste. Thanks to Carlos O’Kelly’s for donating the $10 gift cards that were awarded to the winners of the different categories.

After the judging was done the public was invited to taste the entries and vote for their favorite. Thanks to Kendra Abel for donating the tortilla chips for the public tasting.


MILD SALSA                                                         HOT SALSA

1st Place –         Kris Blackford                            1st Place –         John Kuddes Alburnett, IA                                                                            West Branch, IA

2nd Place –        Deanea Soukop                        2nd Place –        Deb Berg                  Central City, IA                                                                        Robins, IA

3rd Place –        Wally Dunham                         3rd Place –        Wally Dunham        Hiawatha, IA                                                                            Hiawatha, IA

4th Place –        Becky Shoop                              4th Place –        Todd Rollinger       Walker, IA                                                                               Central City, IA

5th Place –        Anna DeKruif

Marion, IA

6th Place –        Susan Pisarik

Mt. Vernon, IA                                                      FRUIT SALSA

7th Place –        Ruthanne Weighton                  1ST Place –       Kris Blackford      Central City, IA                                                                        Alburnett, IA

8th Place –        Todd Rollinger

Central City, IA

JUDGES’ CHOICE                                                               CROWD FAVORITE

John Kuddes (hot)                                                                    Susan Pisarik (mild)


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