Youngest Fair Board President in Iowa

We are proud to have the youngest Fair Board President in the state of Iowa as part of the Linn County Fair Association.

Heidi Steffen & Jennifer Dunn

Currently Jennifer Dunn is the youngest County Fairboard President in the state of Iowa at age 26.  Jennifer grew up being part of the Linn County Fair as a 4-Her showing livestock and static exhibits at the Linn County Fair.  She always had a fondness to the fair, it became even more of a passion after her late-father-in-law, Lynn Dunn, asked her to be a part of the Linn County Fairboard in the fall of 2006 after returning to Marion from College.  She had just graduated from St. Ambrose University with a double major, while playing basketball and being involved with Student Government.  She was looking for something else to fill her time in the evenings.  She agreed to the new challenge and became the boards Secretary and Treasurer.  At the time Jennifer joined the fair was a smaller fair, annual attendance was around 6,000 people.  The job quickly grew with many newer members helping to change the image of the Linn County Fair, ever year the fair grew and so did the work.  Jennifer held the Secretary and Treasurer’s position for two years, then the job needed to be split up for two people.  Jennifer stayed the Secretary for the next 2 years after that.  In October of 2010 was when she planned of giving her position up to another fairboard member who expressed interest and wanted to sit back and help as a board member, her plan didn’t work like that though.  That October evening the board elected Jennifer Dunn, age 25 at the time, as the new Linn County Fairboard President.  This job is completely on a volunteer basis. Her day time job is an independent insurance agent for Neighbor Insurance located in Marion.  Luckily her job is flexible to be able to put in the time this fair requires.

Jennifer has become involved with the fair industry on a local and national level.  Jennifer serves at a leader for the Young Professionals Institute for the state of Iowa and Zone 5 Region of the International Associations of Fairs and Expositions.  This is something that helps the younger generation of fair leaders to help give advice and expertise in this industry of fairs.  She is also working on getting her Fair Manager’s Degree through the International Association of Fairs and Expositions.  She has traveled to numerous conventions to help gain more knowledge of the industry, this year alone she has been to Indianapolis, Indiana; St. Louis Missouri, Las Vegas, Nevada and Des Moines to help make the Linn County Fair a better fair.  Jennifer also serves as the Chairperson for the Northeast District of the Association of Iowa Fairs.

All of this was because of one person asking her to get involved; thanks to her late father in-law Lynn Dunn.


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  1. Kathy Dvorak

    Great article. Lynn would be proud!

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