12 days to go…fish at the fair

Last year was the first year The Linn County Fair had any sort of fish on display at the fair. It was such a success they are back again this year and a 4-H fish club was formed.

Thanks again to Biackal’s Koi Farm in Toddville for supplying the Koi fish and full size tank that will be on display through out the fair outside of the Cock-a-doodle Zoo.  For anyone interested in owning their own Koi fish there will be a daily raffle held at the fair to give away 2 Koi fish per day.

Raffles will be held Wednesday through Sunday at 8pm and at noon on Monday at the Grandstand Ticket Booth.  Winners will be contacted via phone and posted at the Grandstand Ticket Booth the following day. All winners must pick up their fish on  Monday, July 12th between 5pm-7pm or by appointment.

Koi raffle tickets can be purchased at the Grandstand Ticket Booth during normal building hours. Each raffle ticket is $1 or 6 for $5.  All proceeds will go to fair building and grounds improvements. Here is your chance to give back to the fair and own your very own Koi Fish! For more details on Bickal’s Koi Farm go to: http://www.bickal.com/

Team 4-H2O- Fish Club- by Jackie Allsup

The 4-H2O fish club was started in 2011 by Leaders Carol Sindelar, Greg Bickal, and myself, Jackie Allsup. (We are all members of the Eastern Iowa Pond Society) It was started as a way to introduce the love of fish to the area youth. Many of our rural kids have stock animals to show at the fair and we thought this was a great animal project that even the urban kids could do! With a gracious grant from the Cargill Co. we have been able to purchase some of the start up equipment for each kid also. While our focus in on the fish, much of what we learn about is water quality and conservation. Meetings consist of learning to test water and care for our fishy friends.

This summer we now hope to include a trip to the Mississippi River Museum and various community wildlife areas. This curriculum applies not only to our ponds and aquariums, but, in the larger picture, to our community and world. If your interest lies in Water Management, Oceanic, DNR Fisheries, or any Aqua culture study, this is a great place to begin. We’re growing fast and would love to have anybody join that has an interest.

Check us out on Facebook- 4H Fish (http://www.facebook.com/pages/4H-Fish/195882387093242)

More details on Team 4-H2O Fish Club email Cedarserviceja@aol.com or call 319-934-3665.

Team4-H20 Fish Club Leaders:

  • Jackie Allsup, Eastern Iowa Pond Society, KHA (Koi Health Advisor), Quasqueton, IA
  • Carol Sindelar, EIPS member and Eastern Iowa Aquarium Assoc. member, Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Greag Bickal, EIPS member and owner of Bickal Koi Farm, Toddville, IA


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