Garden at the Fair 2011

The Linn County Fair Association Presents

In an effort to help beautify the fairgrounds, The Linn County Fair
Association is encouraging individuals and groups to “Garden at the Fair.” It is open to all residents of Linn County, including metro areas. The Fair will provide specific areas on the fairgrounds near Central City for garden plots.
There are two different programs you can select for your garden.

For more information contact:

This is an opportunity for individuals and/or groups to enjoy the art of
gardening while performing community service to beautify the fairgrounds. You are allowed to have a sign in your garden during the fair to promote your organization, company, or group.

1. The Linn County Fair Association will supply a pre-selected area of the fairgrounds for you to plant your garden and a compost bin to recycle your garden waste. Water will be available for your use and
bathroom facilities will be open on Saturdays.
2. The fair will supply compost and mulch, if requested.
3. You will need to bring your own tools (including garden hose), plants, fertilizer, etc.
4. You will be starting from scratch – digging up the sod, tilling, planting, etc.
5. You can either maintain the garden until the fair is over; or after it is growing, have the garden committee take over maintenance of the garden
6. Some of the gardens will have slopes and proper erosion control must be used to prevent erosion from occurring.
7. You must use plants appropriate for our USDA planting zone.
8. The garden must have at least two perennial plants.
9. It must be an ever-blooming garden-spring thru fall there will be some plant/s blooming at any given time. You can incorporate vegetables if you want to companion plant, but the majority of the garden should be flowers. This is a beautification project for the fair. If vegetables are planted, you must harvest them at the appropriate time.
10. Organic gardening methods are encouraged, but not required. There will be a separate prize for organic gardens.
11. Garden accouterments (edging, fencing, statuary, garden signs, etc) can be used.
12. Be considerate of your neighbor and don’t plant trailing or climbing plants unless you can train them to stay within your garden plot. When the grounds are mowed, the mower will go right to the edge of the
garden plots and may mow over plants if they are not contained within the garden border. You may need to trim the grass from the borders of your garden before the fair and judging.

For registration form click here!


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