Lynn Dunn Memorial Open Sheep Show results

This was the 4th year we have held an Open Sheep Show.  3rd Annual Lynn Dunn Memorial
Participation was up from previous years with 69 head of sheep showing this year.  (26 breeding ewes and 43 market lambs).

Class Winners: 1st and 2nd places

Breeding Ewes/Weight Classes
90-105:  Haylee Green (Hudson); Kaitlyn Olson (Luana)
108-119:  Alex German (Cedar Rapids); Cory Hochstedler (Marion)
120-122:  Samantha Green (Hudson); Donyelle Dorsey (Cedar Rapids)
124-137:  Tiffani Fulton (Iowa City); Clara Schmitz (Crawfordsville)
Champion: Haylee Green
Reserve Champion:  Samatha Green

Market Lambs/Weight Classes
90-102:  Tiffani Fulton (Iowa City); Kyle Sloan (Alburnett)
105-110:  Morgan Lefebure (Fairfax); Tiffani Fulton (Iowa City)
111-119:  Aric Lefebure (Fairfax); Morgan Lefebure (Fairfax)
121-125:  Alex German (Cedar Rapids); Kaitlyn Olson (Luana)
126-129:  Aric Lefebure (Fairfax); Brady Olson (Luana)
131-136:  Shelby Karr (Newhall); Donyelle Dorsey (Cedar Rapids)
139-122:  Alex German (Cedar Rapids); Austin Himes (Central City)
Champion: Alex German
Reserve Champion: Shelby Karr

Senior:  Cory Hochstedler (Marion)
Intermediate: Morgan Lefebure (Fairfax)
Junior: Tanner Sloan (Alburnett)


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