4-H Family & Consumer Science, Visual Arts, Science, Agriculture and Engineering State Fair Winners Announced

Linn County Fair Family & Consumer Science, Visual Arts, Science, Agriculture and Engineering State Fair Winners Announced

4-H and FFA Family and Consumer Science, Visual Arts, Personal Development and Science, Agriculture and Engineering exhibits were evaluated on July 7, 2010 at the Linn County Fair.  Exhibits in this division cover a wide range of topics including food and nutrition, personal development, crops, welding, visual arts, electricity and citizenship.

The exhibits chosen will be displayed at the Iowa State Fair in August.

Food and Nutrition exhibits were chosen as follows:  Maree Bean, Center Point; Paige Ermer, Robins; Kate Costigan, Center Point; Tayler Etzel,  Alburnett.

Exhibitors chosen for the Clothing project are:  JD Waybilll, Central City; Andrea Ertz, Central City; Mikayla Hartl, Central City.

Child Development:  Cole Flatland, Springville.

Consumer Management: Nichole Sevcik, Cedar Rapids.

Those exhibits selected for Home Improvement are:  Bryton Hayes, Cedar Rapids; Laura Moorman, Coggon; Claire Van Erdewyk, Cedar Rapids; Paul Elliott, Anamosa and Cole Flatland, Springville.

Visual Art exhibits chosen were as follows:  Lydia Brown, Cedar Rapids; Nate Marti, Mount Vernon; Macy Rice, Mount Vernon; Briauna Jordan, Mount Vernon; Maree Bean, Center Point.

Exhibits chosen to represent Linn County in the Photography division are:  Doneshia Moyer, Anamosa; Kipp Wray Bradke, Coggon; Abigail Chihak, Lisbon; Courtney Jones, Center Point; Tayler Etzel, Alburnett; Sarah Goettler, Central City; Brandy Zumbach, Coggon; Chelsie Minor, Martelle; Sierra Dougherty, Coggon; Allison Green, Cedar Rapids.

Agriculture and Natural Resources exhibits chosen to advance to the State Fair were:  Jenna Wade, Central City; Mikayla Hartl, Central City; Paul Elliott, Anamosa.

One team exhibit in the Horticulture division was chosen:  Sarah and Eric Sindelar, Cedar Rapids.

Science and Engineering exhibits selected for State Fair were:  Matthew Fiala, Walker; Jamie Donaldson, Springville; Carter Gilmore, Springville; Richard Tichy, Ely; Karlie Nulle, Springville; Jared Donaldson, Springville; Emmilee Bean, Center Point.

Three Personal Development exhibits were selected.  They are:  Laura Moorman, Coggon; Michelle Grauberger, Marion; Maree and Emmilee Bean, Center Point.

Two Issues exhibits were selected:  Lauren Williams, Cedar Rapids and Paul Elliott, Anamosa.

Exhibits selected in the 4-H History/Family Heritage division were:  Paul Elliott, Anamosa; AJ Schrader, Springville.

Two  Communication Posters selected  were:  Melanie Jochimsen, Cedar Rapids; Paul Elliott, Anamosa.

For more information about joining 4-H – as a volunteer or as a member, contact the Linn County Extension Office, 3279 7th Avenue, Marion, or phone 377-9839.  4-H Youth Development programs provide youth experiences in project learning, communication, citizenship, leadership and personal decision making skills.


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