8 days to go…..Chuck Wagon Races Are Back and More…

Back by popular demand, the Wild West meets the Midwest with the Chuck Wagon Races at The Linn County Fair on Sunday, July 11th.  If you missed the action last year you need to come out and check it out this year.

This year you will be able to take in the whole Wild West Experience at The Linn County Fair on Sunday, July 11th ending with the Chuck Wagon races start at 6:30pm in the grandstand. Grandstand admission is $10 for adults, children ages 6-12 $5, and under 5 Free.

Chuck Wagon Races

There will also be chuck wagon cooking demonstrations through out the day by the grandstands, with free samples.

Plus check out the “Hole In The Sock  Gang”- Premiere Midwest 1880’s Street Theater- Old West Style.  They will be performing at 1pm and 5pm that day.

Hole in the Sock Gang

More details on the Hole in the Sock Gang go to: http://www.holeinthesockgang.com/

To get a better idea of what to expect at the Chuck Wagon Races I have gone to the The Chuck Wagon Races of Iowa- Minnesota Inc.’s website to get more details. (http://www.chuckwagonracers.com/)

Here is what they have to say about The RACE:

Chuckwagon Stampede! Horse racing at its wildest. Eight Chuckwagon outfits, all all individually owned and maintained compete for the prize money. It is a race to the finish line and such spills and mix-ups you have never seen before.
Chuckwagon rules for chuckwagon racing drawn up by the original committee were based on the famous Calgary Stampede in Alberta, Canada. A chuckwagon is a regulation farm wagon weighing at least 1325 pounds with the driver in the seat. The wagon is equipped with a canvas cover and flap which extends at least 8 feet out from the rear end of the wagon with poles 6 feet long attached to form a tent. A stove is also included to make a complete chuckwagon camp. The chuckwagon is pulled by four spirited horses which provide the driver with a superb test of skill and driving ability in unfamiliar surroundings. Each wagon has four outriders, each mounted on a swift saddle horse.

The race takes place as four chuckwagons line up in given positions with four horses hitched in tandem fashion. The rear of the wagon is to the Grandstand, with campstoves on the ground, flaps on the back of the wagon supported by two poles. There are four outriders to each outfit – three at the back of the wagon to load the stove and poles. The fourth outrider to hold the front team until, at the sound of the gun, the camp breaks. The stove must be loaded and the tent poles put in the wagon. It`s a race from the time the gun sounds. Only one of the outriders may ride to the position beside the lead team, but may only encourage the horses with their hats and their hands. The other outriders must stay at the rear of the wagon, within 150 feet at all times, until the race is over. Each wagon and all four outriders must turn a figure eight around two barrels set in the infield, then onto the track and around the full half mile track with all horses on the dead run. With four wagons in each race, and four horses on each wagon, plus four outriders for each outfit, makes a total of 32 horses in each chuckwagon race……. All on the dead run!!!”


To get more information on the history of the cowboys of the wild west and how Chuck Wagon Races came into play check out their website: http://www.chuckwagonracers.com/

For ticket information go to http://thelinncountyfair.com/ticket-info.html


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