14 days to go….4-H/FFA CHALLENGE GAMES


A new activity for 4-H/FFA Day at the Linn County Fair is scheduled for Wednesday, July 7 beginning at 9 am. The First Annual 4-H/FFA Challenge Games will be held in the Farm Bureau Free Entertainment Tent and other areas on the fairgrounds. Clubs and Chapters will compete each other in five different games – Water Balloon Volleyball, Baggo, Ladder Ball, Trivia, and an Eating Contest.  Points will be awarded for each activity and the club/chapter with the most total points will receive a prize that will be awarded at the BBQ that evening.

Water Balloon Volleyball

Teams need to fill out a roster sheet, sign up for playing times, and be ready to represent their club/chapter in our games. Rules for each game, sign-up sheets, and roster sheets are available on the website at http://thelinncountyfair.com/4h-ffa-challenge.html

Eating Contest

The Linn County Fair Association is also sponsoring a Digital Scavenger Hunt. All 4-H Clubs and FFA Chapters in Linn County are encouraged to participate. In this event, teams will take digital photos of a variety of fair activities and email them to sueabel@thelinncountyfair.com . The hunt will run throughout the fair with the winner being announced at the Harness Races on Monday night.  You can pick up the rules and scavenger hunt list at the Gate House beginning at 9 am on Wednesday, July 7.

Let the games begin……


Labber Ball

Digital scavenger-hunt


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