57 days to go…Water Balloon Volleyball

What could be more fun on a hot summer evening than a rousing game of water balloon volleyball against a rival team, each of you vying for points to win money for your favorite 501c3 charity?

What a great opportunity to spend some off-time hours with your fellow employees, friends, neighbors, and family. Water balloon volleyball involves six people on each team passing a water filled balloon back and forth over the net using only a bed sheet to catch and throw. This game helps build communication skills, teamwork, and coordination, and is a whole lot fun to play and watch.

This is just one of the events in the 2010 Linn County Fair’s CORPORATE CHALLENGE CONTEST.  Teams from all over the area will be competing to earn the highest number of total points to win the Traveling Trophy and money for their favorite 501c3 charity. A total of seven events will take place over the course of the 2010 fair from Wednesday, July 7 through Sunday, July 11. Visit the fair website http://www.thelinncountyfair.com/ccg-challange.html for more information about the contest.

If you can’t get wet doing it, it really can’t be that much fun?

If you can’t get wet doing it, it really can’t be that much fun, can it!

The Linn County Fair, July 7-12 in Central City



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