Terry Lee Goffee- The “Ultimate” Johnny Cash Tribute Artist

The Thursday night concert was great and we were looking forward to another great concert on Friday with Terry Lee Goffee. What we didn’t expect was all the rain that came early Friday morning and continued until early afternoon. The track was muddy and there was a time we had thought of moving the concert, but never did we think of canceling it, the show must go on.


So, the Terry Lee Goffee- The “Ultimate” Johnny Cash Tribute Artist with special guest Cowboy Up went on as scheduled at 7pm in the grandstand. Special thanks to the opening band Cowboy Up for driving up from Washington Iowa and putting on a great show!


Several people got to meet Terry Lee Goffee and his band prior to the show. Terry Lee was such a friendly person and it was great to meet him and his band.


Special thanks to our sponsors- B.R.A.T Auctions- Louie Zumbach- for helping us put on the concert for everyone to enjoy!


We were very happy to have the weather hold out and it ended up being a great night down memory lane listening to Terry Lee Goffee as the crowds imagine they are actually listening and watching Johnny Cash perform right in front of them. Terry Lee really looked and sounded like Johnny Cash.


kids dancing to the music of Terry Lee Goffee- Johnny Cash

kids dancing to the music of Terry Lee Goffee- Johnny Cash

The night wasn’t over until we drew the winner for the trip for two to Las Vegas brought to us by McKalb Seeds- Mitch Zumbach, Klima Drainage and Gateway Travel. And our winner is…..



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