Candlebox Concert- memories made and records broke…

Candlebox crowd

Some of the buzz has started to die down from The Linn County Fair but the memories will go on. The Candlebox concert with special guest Large Midgets and Inch75 was on Thursday, July 9th at 7pm in the grandstand. A huge thanks to Jaymz Larson for helping us put on a great show. Thanks to KRNA for promoting it and having a great presence at the concert. Thanks to the Linn County Fair Association for allowing the opportunity for a great concert to happen creating memories for many and breaking fair records.

Jaymz Larson & Shark from KRNAJaymz Larson & Shark from KRNA


We were very excited to see so many people and faces we have never seen on the fair grounds before. Since we have started keeping track of our grandstand crowds the Candlebox concert’s crowd was the largest with over 1,700.  We see this only as a beginning of what to expect in years to come. We are always opened to suggestion on what you would like to see in the grandstand that will get you coming back year after year.


Enough of that let’s go over some of the highlights of the concert. Opening band Large Midgets…


Next on stage is Inch75….


And now let’s bring on Candlebox….


Thanks to Eric Pearce for the great pictures!

More pictures provided by Courtney Timmerman, owner of A Simple Touch Massage Therapy in Central City

10 Candlebox11 Candlebox12 Candlebox13 Candlbox


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