1 day to go….FREE Entertainment- Beer Tent…

So I talked about the FREE entertainment in the Farm Bureau Free Entertainment Tent, well I have more FREE entertainment for you. The beer tent this year also has fun FREE entertainment.  So, let’s review it is FREE to get into the fair, FREE to park and FREE to see some great local bands in the beer tent.

This year Miller Lite and Coors Lite are our beer tent sponsors and will providing refreshing drinks and fun trinkets. The Beer Tent is open more days this year! It kicks off Thursday at 6pm to close. New this year is a beer stand on the track for the Candlebox concert and only for this concert. The beer for this concert is allowed on the track and in the grandstand. If things go well we hope to open up the grandstand next year for all the events.

After the Candlebox concert check out Nite Moves band in the beer tent.

Nite Moves Band

Nite Moves Band

Check the beer tent for days and times that we will be hosting the “FROZEN T-SHIRT CONTEST.” You ask what is that? It is where contestants have to take a frozen t-shirt, untie it and be the first person to put it on. It is pretty funny to watch. Prizes and grandstand tickets will be given each time to our winners.

Friday the beer tent opens again at 6pm and keeps rocking until close with Don Heffernen following the Terry Lee Goffee concert. Don will be playing his acoustic guitar jaming out mid-60 tunes that include Eagles, Cristus Clear Water, Hooty and the Blow Fish, etc.

Saturday the beer tent opens with the start of the Draft Horse Pull at noone and goes through out the day into the night. Stay after the Truck and Tractor pull for some great Karaoke.

On Sunday the beer tent kicks off with the Garden Tractor Pull at noon and goes through out the day through the Chuck Wagon Races. If you want something to do between the grandstand events chill in the beer tent with the Nite Moves Band rocking and rolling.

And for those that have asked your wish has been granted and the beer tent will be open during the Harness Races on Monday. The tent opens up at 5:30pm.

Special thanks to all the volunteers working the beer tent including the Central City Mainstreet. We are still looking for volunteers working the beer tent checking wrist band and taking tickets, if you are interested go to http://thelinncountyfair.com/doc%20files/revised-volunteersignup-09.pdf for times and days or email info@thelinncountyfair.com to sign up.

BT CC staff on bar 2

We hope to see you at The Linn County Fair starting tomorrow in Central City through next Monday! More details on the events go to www.thelinncountyfair.com.

BT 07 crowd a


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