More FREE Fun….Kids Scavenger Hunt

Kids Scavenger Hunt—Just for fun!

Here is an opprounity for kids of all ages to get to know the Linn County Fair and fair grounds. Each day there will be a new scavenger hunt where the kids will for example need to find certain buildings, have the fair queen sign the sheet, find one place on the fair grounds where the association is ‘going green,’ etc.

Take the scavenger hunt challenge!  Kids  may pick up their scavenger sheet at the fair gate building from 9-5 Thursday through Sunday.  Return all completed sheets to the gate building for a daily drawing at 6:00pm.  You must have your name and age on your sheet.  Age categories are 3-5 yrs; 6-10 years; 11-14 years; and 15-18 years.  Have fun!

Adults can do it for fun and see how much of the stuff they can find! We will see you there at The Linn County Fair July 8-13, in Central City.

More details on the events go to


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