9 days to go….Volunteers NEEDED

I was up at the fair grounds yesterday doing more work as we prepare for the fair that is only 9 days away. A special thanks to the volunteers that came out yesterday to help us paint our grandstand and other projects to get ready for the fair.

The Linn County Fair Association is made of and ran by all volunteers. It takes not only the association but many other volunteers to run the fair every year. As we grow from year to year we need more volunteers and this year isn’t any different.

Draft Horse Volunteers 2008

Draft Horse Volunteers 2008

The Linn County Fair Board is again inviting ANY adults and/or children to become a “Friend of the Fair” by volunteering to help with varying tasks before, during, and after the fair. Anyone who works 2 or more hours will receive a “Friend of the Fair” T-shirt. We are happy to announce that we have a lot more small and medium sizes this year. You can sign up before the fair by visiting the website at http://thelinncountyfair.com/volunteers.htm .

During the fair you can just stop in the gatehouse and ask to be put to work. Jobs range the gamut from clean-up, set-up, tear-down, parking, building security, watering flowers, counting fair goers, selling tickets and fair souvenirs, assisting with various events, making posters, etc. Everyone MUST stop in the gatehouse to sign-in and out in order to receive a T-shirt. The sign-in/out process helps us to track the number of volunteer hours that we in turn use when applying for grants for the fair.

Grandstand Volunteers for Harness Races 2008

Grandstand Volunteers for Harness Races 2008

The areas that we really need to fill with volunteers is parking, gate building/ ticket booth, and parade. We are looking for individual or groups to volunteer in the different slots and time spots. For a complete list click here or go to http://thelinncountyfair.com/volunteers.htm. Any questions email Dan Abel at volunteering@thelinncountyfair.com.

We can never say thank you enough times to all our volunteers from the Fair Associate members to the many fair volunteers that we like to call “Friends of the Fair!”

Parade volunteers 2007

Parade volunteers 2007


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