13 days….Garden Tractor Pull

So, yesterday I told you about the Truck and Tractor Pull that is a crowd favorite. If you like to see that then you might want to check out the Garden Tractor Pull. Yes, your riding lawn mowers trying to determine who has the most power in their “garden tractor.”

2009 Garden Tractor Pull

2009 Garden Tractor Pull

The Garden Tractor Pull will be Sunday, July 12th at noon in the grandstand. Tickets are $5 general admission and kids 5 years old and younger free. Extra thanks to Arnold Outdoor Equipment and Rolling Hills Quality Outdoor Equipment to helping make this possible.

If you think it will be a site to see what riding lawn mowers are able to pull I have another thing for you. At about 2pm between classes we will be having the Lawn Mower Square Dancers, yes I said Lawn Mower Square Dancers. You do not need a Garden Tractor Pull ticket to see this event in front of the grandstand. Check out how they are able to make lawn mowers dance!

Square Dancing Lawnmowers

Square Dancing Lawnmowers

For more details and ticket information go to www.thelinncountyfair.com.


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  1. Jeanne

    The square dancing lawn mowers are also known as the Dancing Dixons.

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