Recycled Garden Art….Planters

This subject is one of the most resourceful recylced garden art for reusing old items around your house and making beautiful garden art. You can basicly take any item and make it into a planter.

Mrs. Buzz gives us some tips for creating your very own recycled planter:


  1. Be sure your “planter” has good drainage.
  2. Select plants for proper planting depths for you “planter”
  3. Almost anything can become a planter.  Examples:
    • work boots, shoesShoe Planter
    • child’s potty
    • old splatterware kitchen items
    • coffee pots/urns
    • aluminum washtubs
    • kid’s clothes
    • TROUSER PLANTERbaskets (last only a season or two)
    • child’s chair
    • coal bucket
    • red wagon
    • child’s rubber boots
    • old toilet    URINAL POT
    • wooden soda crates
    • wooden tool box
    • lunch box
    • old cookie/cracker tins
    • old tea kettle
    • cream separator
    • old sink
    • old bathtub
      Old tub turned into a planter

      Old tub turned into a planter

    • washing machine drum
    • old gutted refrigerator
    • old wheel barrow
    • old fertilizer spreader    AGITATOR PLANTER
    • old bushel basket
    • yogurt cups
    • old wok
    • straw purse
    • tea cup, coffee mug, etc.
    • angle food pan (put umbrella thru hole) old bread pans
    • chamber pot
    • straw hat

For more details on the Recycled Garden Art Contest at The Linn County Fair go to



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2 responses to “Recycled Garden Art….Planters

  1. Amy Cline

    Hi, I have a question. Is it possible to coat for instance the jeans planter with some kind of concrete to make it more permanent? are you familiar with that?

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