Recycled Garden Art…Children’s Simple Shell Chime

Mrs. Buzz brings you another idea for the Recycled Garden Art Contest that the kids can do.


This wind chime can be crafted in an afternoon by older children and a few common household items.


Plastic lid (Large lids from coffee canisters are perfect!)

Silver or gold paint

Hole punch







  1. Cut your yarn. (You can also use twine or string.) For each shell you want to use, cut one, eight-inch piece of yarn and set aside.
  2. Cut holes into your plastic lid. Using a hole punch, cut holes into your plastic lid. You’ll need one hole for each piece of yarn.
  3. Paint the lid. Paint your plastic lid. You can use acrylic paints or spray paint. Set aside to dry.
  4. Glue one end of each piece of yarn to a shell. Allow to dry completely. (This may take several hours.)
  5. Attach each piece of yarn (with the shell already attached) to the lid by stringing the yarn through the hole and tying a knot. Continue until all your shells have been strung.
  6. More yarn! Cut three additional pieces of yarn. Measure each one, making sure they’re all exactly 9-inches long.
  7. Tie. You’ll want to space your 3 pieces of yarn evenly around the top of your lid. (This is what will hold you wind chime up.) Find 3 holes and knot your yarn to the lid.
  8. Knot. Gather the 3 loose pieces of yarn together and knot them. Trim any loose ends.
  9. Find a hook and hang.


YOU can purchase craft shells with pre-drilled holes for easy stringing.

COLOR COORDINATE your shells, string, and ribbon to make a colorful gift.

For more details on the Recycled Garden Art Contest go to


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