50 days to go… Animals at the fair

Growing up in the city I always enjoyed seeing the different animals at The Linn County Fair. My mother,(that grew up on a dairy farm in Minnesota) always laughed at us kids when we would make funny animal noises every time we would drive by an animal on the highway. So can you imagine how we reacted when we got close to them.  She said you can always tell the city “bees” from the farm “bees”, but we didn’t care. We loved to see the different animals close up. They are much bigger in person then they look as you drive by them.  I was always afraid as a kid to walk behind the big animals, like the cows, out of fear of getting kick, stepped on or peed on. You may laugh, but still as an adult I don’t like to walk behind them, I keep my distance.

It is nice to know that The Linn County Fair still has all sorts of animals at the fair grounds. This year the Fair Association has adjusted the fair schedule to make sure there are animals there during the busiest time of the fair so everyone is able to enjoy them. Now, don’t worry if you go during a slower time of the fair (is there one?) the Cock-a-Doodle Zoo is open every day of the fair. It is filled with all sorts of animals, even animals you won’t see any where else at the fair. I don’t want to spoil the secret yet, so stay tuned as we get closer to the fair and I will see if I can let out the “buzz” on what there will be in the Cock-a-Doodle Zoo this year.

You ask what kind of animals could you see at The Linn County Fair?

Well let’s see, (forgive this city bee for the city terms of the animals): Cows- Beef and Dairy, Pigs, Sheep, Goats- Meat and Dairy, Poultry- Geese to Chickens to Turkeys, Cats, Dogs, Horse & Ponies, Rabbits and misc. animals. I probably forgot some but you can tell there will be all sorts of animals at the fair.

When I was younger and in 4-H we raised rabbits. I remember taking so much pride in looking at our rabbits and picking what I thought was the best to take to the fair each year. Then taking time to get them groomed and ready for fair. I remember how my stomach would turn in knots as the judge is looking them over, not saying much, but examining them to see if they have the right qualifications to be considered the best in that class. It was so rewarding when all my hard work paid off when I got a blue ribbon, or even better when MY rabbit got best in class. I think today it is enjoyable to relive those moments as I watch today’s 4-Hers and FFA students show their animals.

Some of the fun things to watch that you can only see at the fair includes:

  • Kiddie Kalf Show- where younger kids dress up the calves in different costumes and parade around the ring
  • Horse and Pony Games
  • Swine Olympics
  • Beef Obstacle Course
  • Sheep Obstacle Course

Not only does the 4-H & FFA kids get to show the different animals  but The Linn County Fair also has Open Livestock Classes.  This is where farmers get to showcase their hard work by showing their best livestock. Some of the classes consist of sheep, dairy, beef and new this year goats. For more details go to www.thelinncountyfair.com.

As you can tell if you love to see different kinds of animals then The Linn County Fair this year is the place to go. Hope to see you there “buzzing” around!


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