51 days to go…A place to showcase your hobby

“A place to showcase your hobby”

As a kid one of my favorite things I remember about the Linn County Fair was creating my 4-H project to bring to the fair. I put so much time, effort and creativity into my projects. I remember after my projects were judged, I would stand in front of our 4-H booth where my project was being showcased and felt so proud of what I had accomplished. Seeing the blue, red or white ribbons, made all the hard work worth it. The great thing even as an adult I am able to showcase my project in the Open Class and have that same sense of accomplishment.

Everyone has a hobby, from knitting to gardening to photography to rockets. Not everyone is able to showcase their hobby, to show other people the hard work they put it and be proud of it. The Linn County Fair is providing the residents of Linn County the opportunity to do just that. Open static show will being on Wednesday, July 8th and the Open Horticulture Show will being on Friday, July 10th at The Linn County Fair grounds in Central City.

The Open Class Division at The Linn County Fair is open to all Linn County residents. The classes include but no limited to:

· Food & Nutrition

· Clothing

· Photography

· Home Improvement

· Needlework

· Artwork

· Craft Projects

· Rocketry

· Quilting

· Woodworking

· Flowers

· Gardening

Open Class projects aren’t just fun to do but also see. The residents of Linn County are very talented and creative. Come out to the Linn County Fair July 8-13th to see what hobbies and talents we have in our county. There is no pre-registration needed.

New this year is the quilt block challenge. This challenge will have up to 30 participants creating their own quilt blocks. Then each participant hands in their quilt block that will be sown together to becoming a quilt that will be auctioned off next year. This challenge is open to all Iowa residents and could not have been possible with out the help of Connie’s Quilt Shop. Not only will the participant’s quilt block go to create a beautiful quilt there is also a $25 gift certificate to Connie’s Quilt Shop for the “Viewers Choice.” All proceeds of the auction quilt will go back in to the open class department to help grow the program.

Hope to see everyone that has a hobby or talent to bring it out to The Linn County Fair to showcase it to the fair goers!

For rules, class information or more details go to http://thelinncountyfair.com/events.htm or email: info@thelinncountyfair.com


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